Hangout Review: Yummy Asian


Photo courtesy of Google Maps

Yummy Asian, located at 961 Park Avenue in Meadville

Yummy Asian Restaurant, located on Park Ave, is known for their noodles, fried rice, pork and much more. With its bright yellow sign welcoming customers, it brings the same energy indoors as it does on the outside. The lightly-colored brown wooden tables and festive designs throughout the restaurant create an exciting atmosphere. When they are ready to start serving in-person, it would be nice to experience it first-hand. For now, people have to order their delicious take-out appetizers, soups, seafood and dinner combinations over the phone.

When I went there, the experience was exceptional. Even though I had to take it to-go due to the pandemic, their food was still tasty and customer service was very friendly. I first noticed their portions being bigger than normal when I picked the food up. While getting the order, there was not a lack of safety. I only got a quick glance into the building, but they had plastic coverings from the floor to ceiling in order to protect the staff. This meant that we paid through a little hole in the plastic which was unique.

Yummy looked formal due to the decorations, yet exciting. A customer, Steve from the website Menupix, said, “Love the food. Always tastes better than anything else in the area. Waiters and receptionists are very polite and well mannered. Inside has a nice quiet environment. Would recommend it!”

After leaving, the drive back to campus smelled divine, yet patience was key. There was a slight spiciness to the food, but nothing a glass of their Brisk Lemon Tea could not solve. Surprisingly, for people who like their meals even spicier than it already was, Yummy puts a strong sauce on the side. It was different from their sweet and sour sauces which are popular amongst customers. I ordered the fried rice, noodles and orange chicken. It was very good, but I could not finish it due to the huge portions.

Starting with the appetizers, they have everything from roast pork egg rolls to a Japanese style salad. According to DoorDash, their Pu Pu Platter includes “one Chicken Stick, one Beef Stick, two Fried Pork Wonton, two Fried Prawn Spring Roll, and two BBQ Spare Ribs.” Likewise, they also have scallion pancakes, pork dumplings, and sugar donuts if in the mood for an appetizer on the dessert side of things.

Some options that they have for their soups are their egg drop, chicken noodle, wonton and hot sour soups. They pair well with their appetizers and anything else on the menu. As one person said on the website Restaurantji, they were “fast, polite, delicious, and the portion sizes are generous!”

A large segment of the menu is devoted to meat, or more specifically, chicken and pork. They have multiple chickens with toppings such as Garlic sauce, string beans, onion, snow peas, Sa Cha sauce and broccoli. For their beef, they have a lot of meat with vegetables such as beef with mushroom, as well as curry beef with onion. According to a customer, Drake, on Yelp, this restaurant is “my favorite place for Asian food in this area by far.”

Their seafood section is somewhat vast, with there being foods like prawn with lobster sauce, prawn with cashew nut, and Kung Pao prawn. The Chef suggestions section expressed this by advising customers to go with shrimp options like salted pepper shrimp, crispy shrimp with walnut, and hot spicy shrimp.

Another food item that they are known for are their dinner combinations. The main food options on these are meat and vegetables like their roast pork with Chinese vegetable or General Tso’s chicken.

Additionally, DoorDash says that their most popular items are the fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, lo mein (soft noodles), and many other choices. One customer, Christine, on Resturantji could testify to the taste of their soft noodles being by saying that “the Lo Mein was amazing, (and) I will definitely be coming back for that especially.”

Some things that would go well with their food are the drinks. During the summer, they prepare refreshing special drinks such as honey lemon, Taiwanese milk tea, and gaffe yen. While in the winter, they focus more on teas like corn silk, JuJube, and sweet ginger tea. On a normal day, people could find Brisk lemon tea, coke, MUG root beer and other such pops.

Going to Yummy was a good experience, from ordering food on the phone, to being protected from the staff, and then to actually eating the food. It was enjoyable and hopefully it will happen again.