Hangout Review: Pampered Palete


Kristen Cadham

Pampered Palette, located at 1043 Park Ave. in Meadville

Pampered Palate on Park Ave is the place to go to for sandwiches, soups, and anything in-between.

With plants throughout the interior, it gives a vibrant feeling to the food and atmosphere. The light coloring of the wooded chairs and tables creates a balance in the design. To really make the restaurant stand out, it is painted green both on the interior and exterior. On a normal day, there are at least a few customers milling about, typing away on their computers or grabbing a bite to eat.

The menu has an assortment of food items like breakfast pastries, sandwiches, soups, and salads. They even have specials that can only be found at certain times of year. Pampered Palate also has an array of drinks such as smoothies, milkshakes, iced tea, lemonade and many different coffees.

For example, customers can order breakfast pastries like a cream cheese danish. Pampered Palate also has a breakfast sandwich filled with egg, cheese, sausage and bacon. These breakfast foods go wonderfully with their unique drinks such as their frozen explosions coffees which have peanut butter, double chocolate and caramel nut mixed into it for an extra boost. In addition to their many other drinks, they also have drinks such as iced tea or lemonade for hot days.

These drinks pair well with their signature sandwiches. An employee, Kelsey Cole, has been working at the restaurant since the summer of 2020.

“Our two most popular sandwiches would be the Thanksgiving Club and Pesto Chicken.”

To make it better, they also have items like “Our Ultimate Cheese” which is “twice butter grilled sourdough [bread that has] feathered white cheddar, swiss, and gruyere cheeses.” With so much effort being put into a sandwich only made of cheese, it shows the quality that will be worth the price.

Satori Chin, ’22, has visited there at the suggestion of a teammate.

“When I (went) the food was good,” Chin said. “It was a little expensive, but it was tasty.”

Just like their refreshing green designs, the food is like that as well. Chin had one of their signature sandwiches as well as one of their specials.

“I ordered an egg and avocado sandwich with one of the specials because I like getting the specials when they’re available since they might not be there the next time I go,” Chin said.

One of the limited specials Chin is speaking of would be the “It’s a Wrap” wraps that has chicken caesar, Asian vegetable and turkey lurkey.

They also offer fresh garden salads, including the “Chef’s Palate,” which has “smoked ham, roast turkey, swiss and cheddar (cheese), fresh tomato, cucumber, black olives and egg, (while) topped with pan seared pancetta.” They also offer ranch, Korean BBQ, sundried tomato, Italian, and balsamic dressings.

Pampered Palate’s busiest days are the weekends. During these busy weekends, employees meet a variety of customers, some of whom are very friendly as the Cole expressed.

“Just the other day we were really busy and it was just me and Grace … this guy came through the drive through … and gave us a $10 tip. That was really great,” Cole said.

“We’ve been open in this location for around two years,” Cole said. “ We used to be around where E-Street Eatery was, and then they closed the actual eat-in part so we just became a catering place and now we’re back open for in-person dining and catering.”

This expanding business is so popular that they also have a location in Grove City.

Visiting there would be an excellent opportunity to get to experience something unique and create opinions of what people personally like. A four-minute drive and 20- minute walk would be worth the tasty breakfast pastries and delicious sandwiches Pampered Palate has to offer.