ASG talks WiFi issues

Allegheny Student Government’s seventh meeting of module two brought an update on the textbook initiative and a proposal to install more menstrual machines on campus.

With no guest speakers, ASG’s general assembly commenced with cabinet reports at 7:05 p.m. on Tuesday, April 6, via Zoom.

Chief of Staff Emma Godel, ’21, started off her report by talking about the upcoming senate elections.

“We are fast approaching the deadline to declare candidacy for the election,” Godel said. “Please get your signatures in order and feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions about the election.”

Director of Finances Noah Tart, ’22, followed by reporting that the club budget applications and hearing times are now open and are due by Thursday, April 29 at 11:59 p.m.

“I encourage you to please sign-up for a hearing time and submit your budget applications in a timely manner,” Tart said.

The budget hearings will be held between Friday, April 30 and Monday, May 3 via Zoom.

Tart also mentioned that Vice-President of the Class of 2023 Lucas Biniewski will be publishing a video explaining the process of filling out a budget application.

“This video is being made to make the whole process easier for you, particularly if this is your first time doing something like this., Tart said.

Director of Diversity and Inclusion Peter Alegre, ’23, provided updates on his textbook exchange program.

“I’ve met with Aimee Reash (director of public services) and Kirsten Hauser (InfoDesk manager) to create an agenda,” Alegre said.

Alegre mentioned that work is still being done to market the program and to determine the procedure through which books will be donated.

“I’m still working closely with the team over at Library and Information Technology Services to figure out exactly how we’re going to make this all work.”

Alegre then stated that any concerns regarding campus WiFi should be voiced to LITS.

“Even if (LITS) can’t solve your problem, it’s important you complain about it so that we can make this issue a priority for the administration to work on,” Alegre said.

Alegre recognized that internet infrastructure is an issue on campus and announced his intention to keep working with LITS to vocalize it.

“Working on the WiFi issue will be my main priority in the remaining weeks of this semester,” Alegre said.

Alegre also said that he is going to be meeting with select cabinet members and with workers from the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access and Social Justice Center to discuss the Culture, Identity and Leadership Coalition elections.

Alegre also mentioned that he has already been talking with IDEAS Center Senior Intern Aaliyah Coleman, ’21, to discuss the CILC elections.

“(Coleman) gave me some thoughts and ideas about what she wanted to see in the (CILC) elections.”

Co-Directors of Student Affairs Gena Pena, ’22, and Crystal Hernandez, ’23, followed by announcing their initiative to conduct the student life survey, which was last conducted in 2017.

“I am currently working with faculty and administrators to come up with and approve the questions for the survey,” Hernandez said. “It is my intention to have this survey out for you as soon as possible.”

Pena then announced that there is set to be a review and reworking of Title IX as per federal regulations.

Pena also talked about her talk with Dean of Students April Thompson and how she is establishing a COVID-19 Vaccination Task Force.

The task force will actively administer the process of vaccination for the student body on campus.

Pena concluded her report by announcing her intention of installing five additional menstrual machines across various locations on campus.

President of the Class of 2021 Jasmine Ramizer-Soto commenced her class report by announcing that she has sent a senior week survey to all seniors.

Biniewski then followed with the Class of 2023’s report by stating that he is working on an event based around the ASG end-of-semester care package initiative.

President Abdikadir Lugundi, ’21, began his report by talking about the Swipe for Hunger Program.

“I will be conducting meetings regarding the program,” Lugundi said. “For those who have forgotten, this program is a collaboration between many schools to provide health and security regarding meals for students.”

Lugundi then proceeded to comment on the recent conviction of former Minnesota Police Department officer Derek Chauvin in the George Floyd murder case.

“Chauvin’s conviction is just the beginning of a journey towards accountability, I think we must still acknowledge the brutality that is placed on the Black diaspora in America and all over the world,” Lugundi said.

“Rest in power to Daunte Wright, Rayshard Brooks, Daniel Prude, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor. These murders were just in 2020, we need accountability and for justice to be served.”

Sophie Adams, ’22, followed with her transition report by announcing the upcoming cabinet.

The GA will vote on the cabinet formally during the next meeting on Tuesday, April 28.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.