ASG discusses mental health field day, distributing masks

Allegheny Student Government’s sixth meeting of module brought updates on the CILC Legislation and the water bottle refill initiative

With no guest speakers, ASG’s general assembly commenced with cabinet reports at 7:41 p.m. on Tuesday, April 6, via Zoom.

Chief of Staff Emma Godel, ’21, started off her report by talking about ASG mental health programming, which will begin Saturday, May 8.

Godel stated her intentions of working with collaborators on mental health programming.

“We are looking for student organizations to gather with us on campus and help us advance this idea.”

Attorney General Jack Parker, ’21, followed by talking about senate applications.

Parker mentioned that all required materials for senate applications are due by Wednesday, April 21. The materials must be emailed to either Parker or Godel.

“(Godel) and I will go through the applications to make sure that everything is legible and get back to you,” Parker said.

The required materials include a candidate photo, a biography, a platform and a petition containing 25 signatures from the relevant class.

Director of Communications and Press Bree Gray, ’23, discussed her plans for distributing masks to the campus community. 

Director of Finances Noah Tart, ’22, followed by reporting that the club budget applications will open at the end of this week and are due by Wednesday, April 28 at 11:59 p.m.

“The application should become available by Friday (April 9),” Tart said. “The finance committee and I are finalizing the application.”

Tart then mentioned that the final date for finance requests is Monday, April 26. 

Director of Diversity and Inclusion Peter Alegre, ’23reported that the diversity lounge in Brooks Hall is also closed and will remain closed till further notice.

“The hall is quite unmanned and difficult to clean, it’s a hassle to keep it open so this semester it will be unavailable,” Alegre said

Alegre then provided an update on the textbook initiative.

“I’m hoping to meet with Aimee Reash (director of public services) sometime next week and have a proposal ready for her,” Alegre said

Alegre also remarked that he has been conducting several meetings regarding the community fridge initiative.

Alegre then mentioned that he has been talking to Professor of Community and Justice Studies Pamela Misner to discuss the food insecurity survey. He explained that documents and reports have been passed to him by Misner regarding food insecurity.

Director of Sustainability and Environmental Affairs Willy Walker, ’22, followed Alegre’s report by discussing the Students for Environmental Action potted plant project.

The project is a collaboration between ASG, the SEA and The Campus Newspaper.  

“We’re basically going to be making little potted plants,” Walker said. 

Walker mentioned that the project will take place at a tabling session on Sunday, April 18, between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Walker then explained that old newspapers provided by The Campus, compost provided by the Physical Plant along with seeds provided by the SEA will be used to make potted plants.

Walker also discussed the water bottle refilling initiative and asked for suggestions regarding the placement of new refilling stations.

“I want everyone to think about where it is most necessary to install these new stations,” Walker said.

Vice-President of the Class of 2023 Lucas Biniewski raised a motion to formally discuss the placement of water bottle refill stations in the next GA and was seconded by Senator Tyler Znaczko, ’24. The motion passed unanimously.

Senator Kyrie Doniz, ’23, followed by reporting that June menstrual cups are still left-over and are available to be used. The cups can be requested via an online form and will be delivered to the requestees campus box. 

President Abdikadir Lugundi, ’21, reported that himself and Vice-President Particia Gaxiola, ’21, have been meeting with future President and Vice-President Noah Tart, ’22, and Sophie Adams, ’22, to discuss the future of ASG.

Lugundi also reported that he intends to meet with Allegheny College President Hilary Link to discuss the CILC Legislation prior to presenting it to the Allegheny College Board of Trustees. 

Lugundi then talked about the upcoming month of Ramadan and his and Alegre’s plans to make the month as comforting for Muslim students as possible.

“It’s important that we recognize the month of Ramadan and our Muslim students,” Lugundi said. “Peter and I will try our best to make during semester Ramadan work as best as possible.”

Lugundi mentioned that he and Alegre have been meeting with Dean of Students Gretchen Beck and Professor of Modern and Classic Languages and Director of Muslim Life Sami Alkyam to discuss Ramadan.

Lugundi ended his report by confirming that there will be no GA next week due to the wellness day and encouraged everyone to enjoy a day off.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:19 p.m.