ASG Budget Hearings

The Allegheny Student Government budget hearings will be observed by a committee of senators and ASG’s financial officers in the Campus Center, room 206 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Officers can sign up for a time slot on the papers posted on the door of the ASG office (room 206).

The required paperwork and guide to budget planning is available in the ASG office and is due Friday, April 9.

Additionally, all ASG recognized clubs are required to elect officers for the upcoming school year. Forms detailing next year’s officers must be turned in by the time of the Budget Hearings on April 18.

If these requirements are not met by a club, that club would be considered in poor standing and would not be eligible for a budget next year.

Generally, club leaders are well informed of the budget hearing process, said ASG Treasurer Greg Merz, ’10.

“But every year there is a group or two that forgets to show up,” he said.

For those students who do miss their appointment or who are dissatisfied with the budget they were allotted, an appeal can be made at the following ASG general meeting.

Pete Budzowski, ’10, who was president of GFC last year, described the probability that student groups will not get the budget they expect.

“You never really know what you’re going to get out of it,” he said.

Budzowski did, however, say that there are some tricks to getting the most out of hearings.

“Some of the budget people say that you should come earlier when they’re in a good mood,” he said.

Groups who feel that they have legitimate grounds to contest the budget they have been given are allowed to contest their budget before ASG.

“We’re usually pretty forgiving,” Merz said.

Because of the occasional dissatisfaction of students and the possibility of miscommunication between ASG and campus clubs, ASG takes numerous measures to make sure club officials are informed of the process of Budget Hearings.

“It’s pretty rare that organizations don’t hear about it,” Merz said.

To further support communication between student groups and ASG, a new post has been created: Director of Student Organization Services. This position is currently occupied by Dan Donahoe, who is “working to get the word out” about Budget Hearings, according to Merz.

Club leaders who have further questions can contact Merz, Donahoe, or Finance Committee Chair Katie Janocsko, ’11.