The Compost – Allegheny College officials determine school is getting "weirder"


After a recent Trustee weekend, in which many of the prestigious alumni of Allegheny College made their way to the school, they have decided unanimously to dub the college “extremely weird” in the newest admissions brochures. - Econ majors on a regular day, just hanging out between classes.

“After seeing capes, tight-rope walking, humans vs. zombies and constant tree climbing, we have decided to change the name on our brochures from ‘weird’ to ‘extremely weird,’” said trustee Steve Johansen. “I remember a few years ago it was a pretty weird school, but being back, the first thing I thought of was, ‘Wow, how extremely weird this place can be.’”

The new brochures are used to “lure in” prospective students who also want to be considered extremely weird. Unrelated, enrollment for next year is down.