The Compost – Fraternity planning "like 8 charity events" in midst of recent sexual harassment suit

After a semester of nothing but underage parties and a recent sexual harassment lawsuit, the fraternity Alpha Beta Gropa has decided to put together a string of what a representative is calling, “charity type stuff” out of the goodness of their heart.

Flickr - A photo of the night in question.

Meadville District Attorney Jon Rucini is ready to go forth with his case, but the fraternity’s lawyer Rod Thorp has asked for the postponement of the case.

On an unrelated note, the fraternity has decided to host 8 charity events and dance parties from this Monday – Wednesday for “an important cause, yet to be determined.”

These will be the first philanthropic events that will be hosted at the ABG house in three years. Their last event took place following a controversial “live pig roast” which resulted in animal cruelty charges.

The Allegheny community is very proud of the latest advancements in the fraternity, which is decisively taking an active role in the community. Preliminary hearings begin on Thursday morning.