The Compost – Extra H1N1 vaccines creating "great fun" on campus


In February, our typo-ridden newspaper counterpart The Campus reported that the Health Center has over 2,700 H1N1 vaccinations in the Health Center refrigerator. With the threat of H1N1 seemingly gone, the vaccinations continue to fly off the shelves. The Compost decided to investigate why these vaccines were being distributed at such a high rate.

“All you gotta do, is pour it into a shot glass, add a poof of vinegar, and boom, you’re higher than a kite on a windy Meadville day,” said Paul Peterson, ’12. “The best thing is, it’s legal, I think.”

The Health Center only released this statement: “We’re happy to get rid of the extra ones, I don’t care what they do with them.”

There are still 800 left, but as of press time Paul Peterson was returning to the health center every hour receiving two each time, as per state the state law maximum distribution.