The Compost – Students feeling "generally excited" about tuition increase


The announcement of an increase in tuition has students and parents riled up and excited to give even more to Allegheny College.

“Even though there is a recession, I think it’s great that they’re raising tuition,” said Leo Stein, a junior from West Virginia. “I think it will go toward great things!”

The college has announced a plan to make the floors in the campus center a “bricks walk” throughout the entire building. The college has called the plan “absolutely necessary.”

“After we saw how excited and thrilled the students were that we used all that money to close a street by Carr and made it into a brick walk, how could we not expand on the bricks idea,” said Steve Johnson, a representative from Physical Plant.

Johnson is referring to the fact that students have spent so much time on the brick walk created by Carr, which at the expense of future unemployed, cash strapped students, created 3 jobs for the Meadville community.

Allegheny continues to make parents happier and happier that their children are going to college for more and more money. Jon Smith, father of a junior, is also really excited that tuition is rising.

“When I got the letter in the mail stating that tuition would increase, I was so pumped,” Smith said. “I was able to trade in my 2009 BMW X3 for a 1993 Toyota Corolla so I can afford the increase and make car payments. I’ve never driven a shitty car before, but this should be exciting.”

Smith was one of the parents that just “couldn’t wait” to see what Allegheny would do next.

“Well, obviously taking a street away near Arter was smart,” Smith said. “Oh, and then building a state of the art, new, huge building for one department was really bright. I mean, have you seen ACTV, their productions are so much better with this new building!”

Louise Romano, a sophomore from upstate New York, was really excited to tackle a second job this summer.

“I always said, summer is for working, not relaxing,” Romano said. “On top of my 8 dollar an hour, janitorial duties this summer, I will also be cleaning gutters to pay the new tuition increase.”

Romano could not be more excited.

“The fact that I’m working so hard to give money to the next useless building on campus really gets me excited, and I can’t wait to see how much it goes up the next year!”