The Compost – M.E.C. meetings held in hot tub time machine


The upcoming Third Eye Blind has caused some students to wonder why the committee decided to book the band. The Compost has learned that the real winner of the vote was Sean Kingston. However, the M.E.C.’s secret meetings were being held on the roof of the campus center, in a special hot tub.

These meetings took place in a hot tub time machine. The group was taken back to the late 90’s and observed people walking around, listening to their walkmans with a Third Eye Blind cassette tape blaring “Semi Charmed Life.” This inspired the M.E.C. There will be a POG giveaway to the first (or only) 100 students at the event. There will also be a raffle for the complete first season of “Sister, Sister” on VHS at intermission. A second place winner will receive their choice of a Furby or a Tamagatchi. Over 6,000 tickets are still available.