ASG makes preparations for election season

Allegheny Student Government’s general assembly meeting was home to updates about the presidential campaigning process in its second meeting of the spring semester.

Beginning the meeting at 7:02 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 29, in the Henderson Campus Center, ASG announced it is officially election season, meaning it is time for students to elect the next president and vice president to represent the student body.

“It is officially now election season,” said Monessha Jayabalan, ’19, attorney general.

After discussing with cabinet during its Monday, Jan. 29, meeting, Jayabalan said all election paperwork is to be completed and turned in by Wednesday, Feb. 13. More information can be found on the ASG website.

Until then, Jayabalan and ASG Vice President Gillian Greene, ’20, are looking for venues to hold the ASG presidential debate.

Co-Directors of Student Affairs Tyanna Harris, ’19, and Catrina Steckler, ’19, reported the Office of Public Safety is working to install more call boxes across campus and announced that The Compass will be undergoing changes this year.

The Counseling and Personal Development Center officially hired a new counselor, completing the staff with a total of four counselors. According to Steckler, the new hire will begin work Monday, Feb. 4.

The Title IX Office also added three new faces to its office with the hiring of juniors Lizzie Schumacher, Kelsey Evans and Lauren Trimber. Together, they will serve as interns who help inform students about Title IX policies and answer questions about reporting processes.

“We’re going to be able to answer any questions regarding the (Title IX) policy mainly — not taking reports or anything like that — but if anyone has questions regarding the policy … we can answer those questions,” Evans said.

Director of Sustainability and Environmental Affairs Cat Lord, ’20, said she is working the Physical Plant Department to install more refillable water stations around campus and is making progress relabelling campus recycling stations.

The Class of 2019 announced it will be meeting with Gretchen Beck, associate dean of students for wellness education, to help plan and organize senior week.

Daniella Clarke, ’20, was approved to serve as a proxy for George Castellon, ’20, who is studying abroad this semester, and Class of 2020 President Elyse Cinquino announced she is working to draft a resolution to address the student-led protests from last semester.

An event with the Office of Career Education is in the works as the Class of 2021 is working to finalize a date for the event which is geared towards first-year and sophomore students, and the Class of 2022 announced the date for first-year formal will be on Thursday, Feb. 21, in Schultz Banquet Hall.

ASG President Camila Gomez, ’19, announced the Conduct Review Steering Committee is looking for student representatives to assist in making changes to the Allegheny Code of Conduct.

“Everything that’s in The Compass is going to get looked at,” Gomez said. “ … I can’t stress how important it is. I mean, your voice has the opportunity to affect what policies are going to go into (The Compass) or not.”

The opportunity to sit on the committee is open to students who are not members of ASG.

Gomez concluded her report by saying Assistant Dean of Students Joe Hall is going to speak at the Feb. 5 or Feb. 12 general assembly meeting to talk about the process of changing The Compass. Gomez asked ASG members to think of questions to ask Hall and to offer feedback during his visit for potential changes to consider.

“This is really important,” Gomez said. “This is going to be The Compass. It has to get looked at every three years, technically, so for the next three years, whatever feedback you (give) might make a considerable difference to a student’s experience at Allegheny.”

Finally, Senator Taylor Marzouca, ’21, voiced concerns expressed to her by constituents about having class Wednesday, Jan. 30, and Thursday, Jan. 31.

Hours after the ASG meeting, a campus-wide email was sent out announcing that Allegheny would be closed Jan. 30.