ASG appoints two new members to the College Committees Council, discusses refillable water stations

Though the weather remained dreary outside, it did not damper Allegheny Student Government’s weekly general assembly meeting Tuesday night, when two open spots on the College Committees Council were filled.

Lauren Trimber, ’20, and Natalie Davidson, ’20, were approved by ASG to join two of the committees that are a part of the council.

“Tonight we have Lauren Trimber who I’m asking to be appointed to Academic Standards and Awards, and Natalie Davidson who I’m asking to be appointed to the Curriculum Committee,” said  Jason Ferrante, ’20, ASG chief of staff.

In conjunction with the new appointments, Ferrante reviewed a few changes and updates being made to the CCC.

“Starting with code, there’s been a change in who’s been in charge of code, Dr. Dukes is now one of the people who is in charge,” Ferrante said.

Ferrante also explained the Code Committee was going through additional changes including breaking off from the Campus Life and Community Standards committee. Members of the Code Committee are also trying to figure out the committee’s place at this moment in time, Ferrante said, while also detailing a few other small updates from the other committees, including the Curriculum Committee making a few possible changes to some class slots.

Additionally with the CCC report, ASG cabinet reports included meeting with the Master Planning Committee to build new parking lots on East Strong Street, which was discussed in the report from the Office of the Directors of Student Life. The report was given by the co-directors of student affairs, Catrina Stekler, ’19, and Tyanna Harris, ’19.

Cat Lord, ’20, director of sustainability and environmental affairs, brought senators up to date on what was happening with the additions of the new refillable water stations.

“I talked to Kelly (Boulton) just before break,” Lord said. “She let me know that we actually don’t own the refill stations yet, even though I know a lot of students think we already have them and that’s caused a lot of frustrations … so that’s why there’s been such a delay in those, and we’re hoping to get them going in the next couple of months.”

For the class reports, while 2019 and 2022 did not have much to report, the class of 2021 reviewed the event it hosted, mentioning plans to have more events in the upcoming second semester, with nothing immediately coming up during finals week. The class of 2020 report, given by George Castellon, president of the class, noted they are looking for a new senator to replace Ferrante after his promotion to chief of staff.

ASG President, Camila Gomez, ’19, reminded ASG about the upcoming end of the semester, encouraging senators to finish all planned business soon.

“Keep in mind that we have three meetings left in the rest of the semester,” Gomez said. “So if you want to make a resolution or hold an event, please be aware that, though it may not feel like it, we have a very truncated timeline.”