Allegheny Student Government experiences changes

John Fazio, ’19, officially announced his resignation as Allegheny Student Government’s chief of staff at the general assembly meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 30, and arrangements have already been made for Jason Ferrante, ’20, to step into the role.

Ferrante will officially be sworn in as chief of staff at next week’s meeting, said ASG President Camila Gomez, ’19.

Fazio said he came to the decision to resign for academic reasons.

“I’ve had some experiences that have opened my eyes to some new career paths which are exciting,” Fazio said. “I need to take relevant coursework towards pursuing that career path, and unfortunately it’s going to take a broader and more significant dedication to my studies than I realized I would have to commit this semester.”

Prior to the announcement during general assembly, Fazio had a discussion with Gomez, Ferrante, ASG cabinet and adviser Gretchen Beck. The senators were informed about the change together. Everyone handled the news well, according to Gomez.

“I think there’s always that bittersweet part of it,” Gomez said. “I think no one obviously wants to see John go, but what we did see is that while we support John in his new adventures, we’re also comfortable with this new transition that’s going to be happening.”

Prior to becoming president, Gomez held the position of chief of staff. The individual holding the position must be able to work with students, specifically when it comes to running the College Committees Council.

To cabinet, Ferrante was best fit to replace Fazio.

“Jason is one of the most active ASG members and really an extremely well qualified person for this position,” Fazio said.

Ferrante applied for the position before, so he said he understands the responsibilities that come with being chief of staff.

“There are a few things John has undertaken as chief of staff that I will need to become a bit more well versed on,” Ferrante said. “I’m really excited, John’s done a lot of good work trying to get the CCC filled. That’s something we’re really looking to get filled as soon as possible, that’s where ASG and student council really has a lot of power.”

Ferrante, Fazio and Gomez hope the transition will be a seamless one, thinking it will be a continuation of the work already in progress this year.

“I definitely think there are always issues we need to confront,” Ferrante said. “Part of being in ASG is that we always want to hear more from constituents, we want to hear what problems are you facing, even if it is as something as simple as Motor Pool. There are some areas that we can’t take action. But the areas that we have a significant amount of control, we have to make sure that we’re exercising that.”

Ferrante said he will be working with “a pretty good cabinet right now,” and he thinks cabinet members will help the transition run smoothly.

“We want to make sure that people feel that they can come to our executive officers if they’re struggling and need help with their work,” Ferrante said. “That’s how any well-oiled organization works.”