ASG swears in a new class, discusses campus updates

Allegheny Student Government swore in senators for the class of 2022 during its general assembly meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 18, in the Henderson Campus Center.

The class of 2022 officers consist of President Gabby Dorsey, Vice President Kathryn Philippe and senators Jake Flemming, Peyton Britt and Brandon Zabo.

Following the swearing in of the first-year senators, ASG discussed diversity, sustainability and the protests that took place outside the main entrance to the campus center on Tuesday.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee, directed by Faith Simms, ’19, expressed interest in becoming a resource for students. Jason Ferrante, ’20, asked what additional details would like to be known when it came to the emails students received about bias incidents as this was one of the main points of the protest.

“Students specifically had a issue with how vague the emails are and how infrequent the updates are,” said Taylor Marzouca, ’21. “When I spoke to President Mullen I said, we need every single, tiny detail that you are legally allowed to give us.”

Cat Lord, ’20, director of the sustainability and environmental affairs, led discussions about refillable water stations, the possibility of getting rid of receipts at Mckinley’s Food Court and how well the reusable to-go box  machine is working.

“I would recommend making a chart to be able to track the amount saved … and to see if (the to-go machine) is actually working,” John Seiber, ’19, suggested.

The class of 2020 reported plans for its first event where students would be able to meet their senators. The class of 2021 swore in its new proxy, Amy Verardi, who was nominated and voted on to stand in for an absent senator for the semester. The class of 2019 discussed going to Baldwin and giving out information to first-years to help get them more involved.

“Talk About It Tuesday” was also brought up, and senators considered bringing the event to campus again.

“We’ve had discussions about bringing it back, and the question is more about frequency,” said ASG President, Camila Gomez, ’19, “I think we had it so often that people wouldn’t even acknowledge it, so I think we need to sit down and pledge that we’re going to do it and not just sit there.”

Senators agreed that it would be a good idea to bring it back, but it had to be more organized and be set up so students would come and actually have a discussion with ASG.

“I don’t know if we should bring back Talk About It Tuesday, because it did fall apart for a reason last year,” said Ferrante. “But we should have some form of two people sitting down, it could be biweekly, monthly, whatever, where they could come to us.”

While on the topic of being more available to students, there was also a suggestion of a town hall from class of 2021 President, Emma Godel.

“I would love to have an officiated ASG town hall meeting once or twice a semester just so students could see how we work,” said Godel.

After the success of last week’s club soccer constitution, which was approved for a second week, ASG was given their second club constitution from Black Girl Magic.

“We’re basically about the growth and safety of women of color on campus,” said Black Girl Magic’s president, Isis Offut, ’19.

After taking a vote Black Girl Magic’s constitution was also approved.

It did fall apart for a reason last year

— Jason Ferrante, Class of 2020, Allegheny College

College Committees Council, was brought up and is going to begin meeting soon.

“Basically all of the students who are on various college committees meet with him (John Fazio, ’19, ASG Chief of Staff), every Sunday night to kind of discuss what is going on in these committees,” said Gomez. “These meetings are open to you, they’re kind of interesting and fun.”

A possible need for a crosswalk in front of Caflisch Hall was brought up for discussion due to it being a place where students cross the street daily.

“I’ll have to do some looking around but my fear is that it might be a zoning issue with the city of Meadville itself,” Gomez said.

Gomez promised to ask Gretchen Beck, ASG adviser, who to talk to, and the meeting was brought to a close.

ASG meets at 7 p.m. every Tuesday in campus center room 301/302, and its meetings are open to the public.