Opinion: Texas on right track


The Texas Board of Education will require school textbooks to address the country’s Judeo-Christian heritage and re–introduce prominent conservative figures driven out of noteworthy existence by the liberal stranglehold on education, pending a final vote in May.

The New York Times printed an article that sneered at the Texas Board’s initiative.

The funniest parts of the article are the pictures. The headline, “Texas Conservatives Seek Deeper Stamp on Texts,” which is loaded language on its own, is dwarfed by an enormous picture of protestors. Below is a smaller picture of board chairman Gail Lowe, one of those who proposed the changes.

Her eyes are bulging. She looks insane. This is intentional. News networks do the same thing to candidates they don’t like.

While The Gray Lady merely condescends to the Texas board, the Huffington Post has had a fit of hysteria. Its headline screams, “Texas Textbook MASSACRE!” and its article is filled with breathless reports of “ultraconservatives,” “radicals,” and “Preserving McCarthy’s Legacy.”

What’s wrong with the last one, I’m not sure. Liberals have always reached into the past to remake some historical figures into their own image while warping others and turning them into cretins.

The textbooks I read in high school weren’t careful, nuanced historic narratives; they were simplistic, Bad Guys versus Good Guys fables.

McCarthy is just another imperfect politician maligned into infamy by the Left’s agenda.

Texas, HuffPo says, is the nation’s second biggest buyer of textbooks, so this one school board can seemingly influence curriculums across the nation.

The centralization of power has finally backfired. Now the ideological enemy of the left wing of the political class is in position to co–opt a significant portion of the nation’s education.

Who is the nation’s biggest buyer of textbooks, anyway?

California, the most regulated state in the nation.

Neither the New York Times or HuffPo mention that.

In a new, comical turn, some liberals commenting on The Huffington Post article wave off Texas and tell it to secede. Many Texas citizens, frustrated by the federal superstructure’s demands, have supported this move for a long time.

Appealing to the legal, moral and historical reasons for secession, however, has led to disaster in the past and cynical ridicule in the present.

Texas has shown it wants its freedom. Upsetting the political class by rejecting its myths is the farthest it’s gotten.

Some of the changes are undoubtedly needless hagiographies of Republicans, but most of them are simply the insertions of fact into a body of malicious fiction.

Are the liberals afraid that the history books will actually begin to teach history? They should be. They owe their existence to falsehoods and fallacies.

They still maintain a firm grip on centralized education. Pounding on one of their pinky fingers might make them cry and fuss, but they’re still holding on tightly. They’re never going to let go.

Conservatives, libertarians, and capitalists need to either chop off the liberals’ hands or break off a piece of the education system for themselves.

Texas has the right idea, but it needs to reject all––all––federal subsidies and mandates before it can begin to control anything within its boundaries.

The national government and the liberals directing it will continue to force–feed Texas their bizarre version of American history until it stops taking their money.

Katie McHugh is a member of the class of 2013. She can be reached at [email protected]