Selecting new ASG senators

Allegheny Student Government (ASG) is ready to bring in a new group of senators for next year. Elections are being held from March 17 – March 18 up until 4 p.m.

A total of 38 people are running for 30 spots on senate, spread throughout three classes. Stephanie Albert, ’10, is the Director of Student Voting.
“I’m actually pretty happy with the turnout,” Albert said. “It’s good to see that people are interested in being on ASG. The number was actually a little bit higher in the beginning of the election process but for one reason or another, some people dropped out.”

The Class of 2011 has 10 people running for 10 spots. This means, barring a successful write-in candidate, the students that run for office will be elected. The students that are running for office for the Class of 2011 are: Brett Bacon, Megan Knox, Chris Blackstone, Dan Paul, Megan Sullivan, Dan Donohoe, JeVon Hatchor, Manuella Mwihemuka, Mary Kate Murphy and Derek Dye.
The numbers are usually lower for the senior class because members are selected for ASG cabinet, according to Albert. There are three students who are not currently on ASG that are running for senate. They are Chris Blackstone, Manuella Mwihemuka and Derek Dye. Dan Donohoe serves on cabinet this year, but will be running for a spot on senate for next year. The other students mentioned are current ASG senators seeking re-election.

The Class of 2012 has 12 people running for 10 spots. The students running for office are: Becca Crissman, Emma Victorelli, Michael McCann, Alyssa Tom, Nathan Ehrman, Kami Forgie, Danny Jacobs, Nicole Piccirillo, Brittany McLean, Corey Shears, Aubrey Green and Kevin Brazda.

The class of 2012 has five students who are new to ASG running for office. These students are Michael McCann, Alyssa Tom, Danny Jacobs and Kevin Brazda. Aubrey Green is the current assistant director of concerts and special events this year and will be running for a spot on senate. Kami Forgie and Corey Shears were candidates for ASG executive office in February, but finished in second place.

The Class of 2013 has the most candidates running for office, with 16 students trying to become senators. They are: Clay Moran, Marla Sacks, Alycia Maltony, Henry Dominguez, Elizabeth Martindale, Lauren Nord, Sarah Bottini, Ian Colley, Joel Kurtzhalts, Katie Nerone, Fraylin Vargas, Mike D’Artoli, Joe Lasko, Charlie Watkins, CJ Stobinski and Tyler Gund.
“The number of students that originally signed up was 17,” Albert said. “But one candidate for senate was nominated for cabinet.”

The Class of 2013 senate class had the worst retention rate as far as ASG senate. There will be 11 people running for office that are new to ASG. These students are Clay Moran, Alycia Maltony, Henry Dominguez, Elizabeth Martindale, Lauren Nord, Ian Colley, Katie Nerone, Fraylin Vargas, Mike D’Artoli, Joe Lasko, Charlie Watkins and Tyler Gund. However, four members of the current senate are currently nominated for ASG cabinet positions.

“The results of the election will be announced at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 18,” Albert said.

Voting ends on March 18 at 4 p.m.