Investigation continues into assault of students

The two men who assaulted Anza Kisyanto, ’17, and Mike Eltma, ’20, outside of Ford Chapel on Feb. 22 have not been apprehended yet by the Meadville City Police Department, though the investigation is still open, according to Patrolman Vince Trenga.

Kisyanto said he and Eltma had been walking from Newton Observatory past the chapel when he noticed two men crossing North Main Street in front of Pelletier Library.

Both Eltma and Kisyanto said the two were white men in their mid- to late 20s.

I just happened to look behind me and these guys were right behind us.

— Anza Kisyanto

Kisyanto said he turned around when he was in front of Ford Chapel.

“I just happened to look behind me and these guys were right behind us,” Kisyanto said.

At this point the two men began attacking Kisyanto and Eltma.

“These guys just walked up behind us and just started attacking us — just looking for a fight,” Eltma said.

The two assailants attacked Kisyanto first, Kisyanto said, at which point he fell down. After he fell, he saw the assailants attack Eltma. Eltma said as Kisyanto was standing up, he was able to defend himself by pulling one of his attacker’s sweatshirt hoods over his head and arms.

As Kisyanto stood up, he yelled for help across the street. Eltma said he saw six people at The Loop stop at the head of Brooks Walk and another near the library. They said nobody intervened in the fight and the assailants fled.

Both Kisyanto and Eltma said they did not hear the assailants say anything to them at any point during the altercation.

“That was the most weird thing about it,” Kisyanto said.

Eltma said he suffered from a swollen and black eye, bruises on the edge of his face and swollen knuckles; Kisyanto said his lip was cut and his jaw “ached for several days.”

While they had suffered minor injuries in the assault, Kisyanto said he was “more or less unphased” by the assault and was more “shocked and surprised” that it happened on Allegheny’s campus.

After being assaulted, both victims were taken to the Office of Public Safety and gave their statements to a number of officers, according to both victims. They then went to the Meadville City Police Department and filed a formal criminal complaint.

The cooperative agreement between the City of Meadville and Allegheny College, obtained by The Campus through a Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law request, states that the college will call upon the MCPD in matters of all simple assaults.

Eltma said that on Feb. 23 the police contacted him and Kisyanto after they arrested two men on the edge of campus who had a number of outstanding criminal charges pending. He said those men did not look like their assailants.

Kisyanto said he has not heard from the police since that date regarding the investigation.

Trenga said the investigation is ongoing but is difficult due to the vague description of the suspects. He said witnesses could only say the assailants were white and described the color of their clothes.

“It’s not closed, but I don’t have any suspect whatsoever to question,” Trenga said.