Director of public safety researches security cameras

Director of Public Safety Ali Awadi has brought forth the possibility of installing security cameras to Allegheny Student Government’s Student Life Committee, according to Sens. Alexia Porche, ’19, and Mark MacStudy, ’18.

Dean of Students Kimberly Ferguson said she asked Awadi to look into the logistics of installing cameras on campus.

“Right now, it’s just knowing what’s out there, knowing what we can afford and knowing if it is something that we can even put into place because of the wiring, technology, et cetera,” Ferguson said. “So it’s more of, ‘How do we get this party started?’”

Right now, it’s just knowing what’s out there, knowing what we can afford and knowing if it is something that we can even put into place.

— Kimberly Ferguson

Ferguson said the idea of installing security cameras arose from faculty concerns over vandalism, particularly after the vandalism at the Steffee Hall of Life Sciences in December 2015.

Allegheny experienced 19 reported cases of vandalism in 2015, according to the 2016 Annual Security and Fire Report.

MacStudy said Awadi has brought the idea of installing security cameras in high-traffic areas, such as the campus center, to the Student Life Committee, and Porche said Awadi also was interested in installing cameras in parking lots around campus.

“We were talking about call boxes and ways to make the campus safer, and he was saying that security cameras make the campus safer,” Porche said.

Both MacStudy and Porche said the committee told Awadi students have not been receptive to the idea of security cameras on campus in the past. MacStudy said despite this information, Awadi was “adamant” about installing cameras.

Ferguson said Awadi is researching the possibility of installing cameras so the college can “start a conversation” based on the information. MacStudy said ASG would need to approve of any proposal regarding security cameras.

“Before anything is pushed forward, ASG also has to have their input on it, and there’s a whole process that has to be taken place before he can take any unilateral steps,” MacStudy said.

Porche said student government would seek student input on the matter in a forum or an event sponsored by ASG.

“I imagine that would be an event, probably put on in the campus center lobby by ASG, and we would send out MyAllegheny [postings],” Porche said.

ASG’s Student Life Committee has not heard an official proposal regarding security cameras on campus.