ASG calls for bimonthly student pay

Allegheny Student Government President Tess Bracken, ’17, reported to the general assembly on Tuesday, Jan. 24, that she has begun discussions with administrators about having student paychecks cut on a bimonthly basis.

Bracken said having student checks issued twice every month would give students more access to the money they earn working on campus. She said she contacted Linda Wetsell, chief financial officer and treasurer, to see if such a plan would be feasible.

Wetsell replied via email that issuing student checks on a bimonthly basis would be more expensive, according to Bracken. Additionally, Bracken said Wetsell did not give an answer on how feasible it would be.

“I just took that as I had to go elsewhere,” Bracken said.

I would be happy to help you get that done

— Kimberly Ferguson

Bracken said she intends to speak with other administrators and asked if Dean of Students Kimberly Ferguson, who was present at the meeting, would be willing to help.

“I would be happy to help you get that done,” Ferguson said.

Her next step, Bracken said, will be to speak to Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Eileen Petula. Bracken said this is an issue that would seem to fall under her jurisdiction.

The Class of 2018 announced that it would be meeting with the Office of Physical Plant to discuss plans to install cell phone charging stations around campus for student use.

According to Class of 2018 President Valerie Hurst, the class has tentatively decided to install charging stations in Brooks Hall, Pelletier Library and Carr Hall. The stations are being paid for by ASG and will be installed by the Office of Physical Plant. Each station will also bear the ASG logo.

The ASG director of sustainability and environmental affairs, Levi Lundell, ’17, said he and the sustainability committee will also be meeting with Cliff Willis, director of the physical plant, to discuss new conservation projects, using funds from the October Energy Challenge.

According to Lundell, one of the projects he hopes to see come to fruition is the installation of five new water refill stations around campus. He said they hope to install the stations in Schultz Hall, Ravine-Narvik Hall and Oddfellows Hall.

In addition to installing new refill stations in more buildings on campus, Lundell said they also hope to install an outdoor refill station near East College Street. He said other schools have similar outdoor stations near Greek life housing.

“Given the activities that go on there, having water nearby can be a good thing,” Lundell said.

Apart from the refill stations, Lundell said they will also be discussing new, more efficient lighting in residence halls.

“Cliff [Willis] is also very interested in continuing to talk about motion activated lighting,” Lundell said.

Lundell said the current plan is to install motion-activated lights in Allegheny Hall and Allegheny Commons.

Chief of Staff Hayden Moyer, ’17, also nominated Margo Birol, ’18, to fill a vacancy on the Finance and Facilities Committee of the College Committees Council. Moyer said that as an economics major she seemed like an ideal candidate.

Birol was approved by a unanimous vote of the senate.

Jocelyne Serafin, ’17, president of Gator Activities Programing also spoke at the meeting, seeking two ASG representatives to sit on the Major Events Committee.

“[MEC] plan[s] Springfest, Homecoming and the major concert when it is a year with a major concert,” Serafin said.

Serafin said it is important to have ASG’s voice on the committee, as it provides half of the funding for events put on by the committee. She said she hopes having ASG represented will also help to facilitate further collaboration between the two groups.

Class of 2019 Sens. Alexia Porsche and John Sieber both volunteered to serve as the representatives.

During the meeting, Amy Currul, ’17, proposed a winter retreat for ASG members. During a five minute moderated discussion on the topic, Currul said that she hoped it would be a chance to help orientate members of ASG who joined after the fall orientation.

“I have always felt there was a lack of continuity in training new people,” Currul said.

Director of Organizational Development Mollie McDermott, ’18, suggested that the event be held just before ASG’s senate elections in March so that students interested in joining ASG have a chance to attend.

Several other members of ASG also voiced their support for the retreat.