Freshman 15

Here’s what we wish people told us our first year

The Campus staff welcomes you to Allegheny College. At orientation, a great deal of information is given to first year students, but we would like to share our most important tips and tricks that we wish we would have known going into our first year at Allegheny.

1. Do not wear a lanyard around your neck. There is nothing that screams “I’m a freshman” more than the Allegheny lanyard draped around your neck.

2. Do not use a tray at the dining hall. Unless you are a middle school student on a school trip, just do not do it.

3. Go to office hours. Professors are required to have office hours for a reason. If you do not understand class material, office hours are a perfect place to go and get extra help. It means you are smart enough to ask for help.

4. Take your room key with you when you shower. What is more awkward than having to find a Resident Advisor to unlock your door after getting out of the shower?

5. Invest in a planner and get organized.  You will join clubs, classwork will pile up and do not forget to schedule some Netflix time to relax.

6. Do not be afraid to introduce yourself to people. Introducing yourself to people is a great way to make friends in class, the dining hall and in the dorms.

7. Get to know your classmates. Having friends in your classes makes it easier to form study groups for finals and compare notes.

8. Wear shoes in the shower. Just trust us.

9. Do not be afraid to try out for teams and join clubs that you were not involved in before college. College is the perfect time to try new activities, meet more people and gain valuable skills.

10. Do not be afraid to be yourself. College is a fresh start but do not try to reinvent yourself. People will accept you for who you are.

11. Do not skip class. You will miss important information, assignments and leave a negative impression on your professors.

12. Your friends will change. You will have different interests, join different clubs and that is OK.

13. Do not forget to check in with your family and friends back home. Call your mom.

14. Speak up in class. It will catch your professor’s attention and shows that you are trying.

15. Do not procrastinate. Coffee can help but it cannot create more time. Use that fancy planner of yours and plan your time accordingly and efficiently.