ASG committees fill for first time

Allegheny Student Government Chief of Staff Sofia Kaufman, ’17, announced at the ASG meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 27, that for the first time every position on the College Committees Council has been filled. Kaufman announced the final nomination of ASG Senator Miguel Guillen, ’19, to the Academic Standards and Awards committee at the meeting.

ASG President Haley Riley, ’16, said being able to fill every position is something ASG has not been able to do previously. Riley said that in the past, part of the problem in filling every position was a lack of student interest and involvement in ASG. At other times, ASG itself was to blame, she said.

“ASG in the past has never really followed through with filling all the positions,” Riley said.

The CCC is comprised of six committees that work to address the needs of the college.

“Basically, it’s a group of faculty, staff and students that talk about things on campus,” Riley said.

ASG in the past has never really followed through with filling all the positions.

— Haley Riley

Tess Bracken, ’16, ASG’s vice president, said it is important for students to take note of these committees, as many decisions within the college are made by or in conjunction with the CCC. The decision of the college to switch from Pepsi to Coke products in all of its dining halls at the start of the 2014-15 academic year was made in this manner, Riley said.

At Tuesday’s meeting, ASG also announced updates for its formal, which will be in conjunction with Gator Activities Programming. The event is largely social for members of GAP and ASG, however Bracken said she hopes it will help create a better relationship between the two organizations.

“There has been some tension between ASG and GAP in the past, so we are hoping this will help dissolve that,” Bracken said.

Director of Diversity and Inclusion Connor Racine, ’16, delivered his weekly report in which he encouraged students, in light of Halloween on Saturday, to be mindful that costumes remain respectful to all groups and cultures.

“You are all adults—act like it,” Racine said.

Racine also brought up plans for a speaker series which he said should occur sometime during the second semester. The program will be named after trustee John Herbert Niles, ’59. Racine said the series will pair students with professional scholars based on a shared topic of interest. Both the student and the professional will speak at the event.  

“There is still a spot open for a student to come forward with an issue or paper topic,” said Racine.

ASG also voted on two club constitutions on Tuesday. The Knitting Club, which submitted its constitution at the last meeting and received preliminary approval, was one of them.

The ROTC club received its preliminary approval from ASG as well. The constitution was submitted at last week’s meeting. However, it was tabled while members of the new club worked out issues within the constitution that were pointed out by ASG.

“[The constitution] includes a few changes about impeachment,” said ASG Attorney General Eric Chang, ’17.

Chang explained that in the original draft, the constitution stated matters of impeachment would be brought to the president of the club. ASG representatives pointed out this would not work if the president was the one being impeached. The amended constitution stated that if the president were ever to be impeached, the most senior member of the organization would handle the proceedings.

ROTC club’s constitution will need to be approved by a vote of ASG before it is officially made a club at Allegheny. The vote will take place at next week’s meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2015.