Rent-a-Friend raises over 1,000 dollars

On Monday, Feb. 22, 21 willing Allegheny community members were auctioned off to raise money for Relay for Life in the Campus Center lobby.

Lisa Gleason, ’10, is the president of Relay for Life.

“We raised 1,070 dollars at this event,” Gleason said.

This was an increase from last year’s total.


“We made a little over 900 dollars last year,” she said.

The increase may be credited to the presence of President Mullen, who was auctioned off for two events. Mullen auctioned off a round of golf with three students and for dinner at his house. The two-event total raised 170 dollars.

There were 21 people auctioned off in total.

The student who was auctioned off for the most money was John Steele, ’10, who was purchased for 116 dollars.

Dan Bauer, ’13, was auctioned off as a member of the Phi Psi pledge class. Bauer feels that it is important to get involved in Relay for Life.

“It’s for a great cause and everyone seemed really excited about getting involved,” Bauer said.

The Phi Psi pledge class was purchased for 90 dollars by the Relay for Life committee.

Kelsie Mozzoni, ’11, was also auctioned off.

“This is definitely a good cause,” Mozzoni said. “I had a lot of people in my family affected by cancer so I look for anyway I can help out.”

Mozzoni was purchased for 30 dollars by two Phi Psi pledges.

This was Mozzoni’s third year in a row being auctioned off at rent-a-friend.

Last year, Mozzoni spent time in some homes doing dishes and cleaning.

Sarah Holick, ’10, is another veteran of the Rent-a-Friend process.

“This was my third year in a row taking part in Relay for Life,” Holick said.

Holick is a team captain for the actual Relay for Life event that takes place on April 24.

“I was purchased for 20 dollars by S.A.E. pledges,” Holick said.

Holick believes that this is a great cause to get involved in. Students contemplating entering the event next year should listen to Holick, who has repeatedly gone back to raise money for Relay for Life.

“It’s definitely a fun event,” Holick said. “It’s also a way to raise money for a great cause.”

The next planned fundraiser is the Relay for Life event is in April on Brooks Walk.

“We might have a small fundraiser between now and April,” Gleason said. “But the actual event is on April 24 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.”

If students are interested in signing up or creating a team to take part in Relay for Life, contact either President Lisa Gleason, ’10, or team registration chairs Christine Yocum, ’11, or Jericha  Lenker, ’11.