Freshmen senators join ASG


Photos by Aleäa Reyes

Senators are elected for each class at the start of every academic school year and are sworn in by the Allegheny Student Government cabinet at a general meeting. This year, Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015 was the inaugural meeting for the class of 2019’s new senators.

Allegheny Student Government held its first meeting with representatives from all four classes on Tuesday, Sept. 22. The newly elected class of 2019 senators were inaugurated at the meeting.

Mark Meyers, Isis Offutt, John Sieber, Alexia Porsche and Miguel Guillen, took an oath to represent the freshmen class in ASG and create a safe and inclusive learning environment for each student.

Each senator appeared eager to participate in ASG.

“I hope to communicate with our class frequently and hold events for us to build community,” said Offutt, a member of the Internal Committee, which deals with student life, educational affairs and student voting.

Sieber, one of the newly elected representatives, said he already has goals in mind, including increasing communication between the student body and ASG.

President of the freshmen class, Miguel Guillen, also expressed a desire to create a connection between his class and the Allegheny administration and student government.

While the main focus of the meeting was the inauguration of senators from the class of 2019, the body also focused on several other issues.

After campaigning and being voted on by their peers, five students from each class are elected to represent their class as senators.
After campaigning and being voted on by their peers, five students from each class are elected to represent their class as senators.

Tess Bracken, ’17, echoed concerns from last week about a petition ASG might receive regarding weight room policies in her vice president’s report. Although the petition may have enough supporters, Bracken said the petition would be difficult to act upon without a specific action plan.

Other weight room issues arose, including concerns that constituents expressed about the dress code policy.

“I’ve talked to Randy Moore,” said Aubri Caslin, ’17, director of communication and press.

Moore, Allegheny director of peak performance and fitness, enforces the dress code policy found on the Wise Center website. The policy requires students to wear full-length shirts at all times.

“He said that these policies have been in place, but simply have not been enforced in past years.”

The meeting did address how some constituents felt about the manner in which he enforced these rules.

“We’ve asked him to be more sensitive when enforcing the dress policy,” said Caslin.

The cabinet also informed senators of The Gator of the Year Fund, which will be used to attract a big name speaker to campus. However, due to low student enrollment, the fund will only be between $60,000 and $80,000.

Despite several roadblocks, ASG is determined to bring a popular, issue-oriented speaker to Allegheny.

Several members of the cabinet expressed goals for the upcoming school year.

“I want everybody to see that the student government is here for them. We’re not just another administrative body or a club,” said Bracken.