Summer EL trips open for applications


Meaghan Wilby

Alex Bakus, ’17, has his photo taken at the promotional photo booth for the Sri Lanka EL Seminar on Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015.

The International Education Office is offering six Experiential Learning Seminars for summer 2016.

According to the Allegheny College website the seminars are worth two or four credits and the trips last between 14 days and three weeks.

The seminars travel to Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic; Nicaragua; Peru;  the Rocky Mountains; Senegal and Sri Lanka.

There is also a departmental seminar to Niagara and the Great Lakes run by the history department.

Each seminar is led by at least one faculty member and all the trips are centered around a different focus.

Sophia Kaufman, ’17, went on the EL to Turkey in 2015 and said it was an amazing experience.

“It was great being with other students and to go to places that I wouldn’t have gone to otherwise,” Kaufman said.

The seminars cost between $2,500 and $6,495 with the Nicaragua seminar being the cheapest and the seminar to Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic being the most expensive. The cost of the seminars is often a deterring factor for students.

“I really want to go to Peru but it’s too expensive,” said Starkwan Bethea, ’18.

Alex Crump, ’16, and Liz Blaschak, ’16, both spent a semester studying abroad and said money and a lack of variety were reasons they chose not to go on an EL seminar. Crump said she felt there was not enough variety in destinations.

“For me I didn’t want to drop five grand for a couple weeks for only four credits,” Blaschak said.

None of the seminars have pre-requesite classes, but some seminars encourage taking language classes. All seminars require permission from the instructor. Applications for the seminars are due Nov. 2. More information can be found on the Experiental Seminars page on the college’s website.