Students make the most of winter weather

Allegheny’s Campus has experienced heavy snowfall in the weeks following winter break.

Students around campus have found ways to take advantage of the high piles of snow that cover the lawn in front of Brooks Hall.

Yara Rodrigues, ’15, went sledding last week for the first time.

“I wasn’t expecting it… I just saw some people there and joined them,” Rodrigues said.

Rodrigues is an exchange student from Brazil and was part of the group that went sledding during an event organized by the North Village Residence Life staff.

Kathryn Goodman, ’15, explains she tries to hold one programming event a month but this was the first time sledding.

Goodman is a Community Advisor at Allegheny College. According to her, the Residential Advisors advertised the event all over the North Village buildings, but she thinks they also need some Facebook page events.

Besides the sleds, the Residence Life RAs also offered donuts and hot chocolate.

“It is something we are thinking we want to do for the future to get more people to notice what’s going on”, Goodman said.

Emily Kluck, ’15, has also taken part in taking advantage of the winter weather although she did not go sledding.

“I wasn’t planning on going outside in the snow that day, but then Matt [a friend] sent me a message and said, come home, we’ll build a snowman, and I said okay. So Matt had already built the snowman when I got there, I just finished the details,” Kluck said.

Residence Life offered different options, which attracted a diversified public.

“If people don’t go sledding, we try to have two options. We try to be accommodating to people. And it was really cool, we had people from different places,” Goodman said.

Rodrigues said sledding was an experience she will never forget.

“As a person whose country doesn’t have snow, I thought, I’ll just have to do it right now because when I get back to Brazil I won’t have that anymore,” Rodrigues said.

Her city, Belém, has temperatures around 109 degrees throughout the year.