Students respond to Third Eye Blind

Two weeks after the results of the student body poll were released, Allegheny students continue to weigh their opinions on Third Eye Blind, the undisputed first choice band, coming to campus April 24.

The Major Events Committee (M.E.C.) of ASG and GAP released their complied list of 13 potentially available and affordable bands to the student body for a vote via e-mail in November, but complaints have arisen over how the list was generated.

AMELIA CONTE/The Campus - Third Eye Blind will take the stage in Schafer Auditorium on April 24.

Brett Bacon, ’11, a member of both ASG and WARC, the campus radio station, wanted to know how they came up with the list.

“Did they just go through their iPod and hit random?” Bacon said.

Rachel Panepinto, ’13, felt differently.

“I think the list was composed of a number of popular and talented groups,” Panepinto said. “Each band seemed to be favored by a portion of the Allegheny student body.”

The student body poll clearly pointed to the winner. Third Eye Blind received 37 percent of total votes while O.A.R. collected 33 percent and Girl Talk 31 percent.

Many students have been anything but happy with the results of the poll.
With 1,107 votes tallied, only approximately 53 percent of the student body actually voted.

Paula Frisch, ’11, chose not to vote.

“I wasn’t really inspired by any of the bands,” Frisch said.

Panepinto, however, voted for five different bands on the list. As a huge fan of Third Eye Blind, she said she is looking forward to the concert in April.

“I’m absolutely psyched,” she said. “I’d say they’re one of those bands we all grew up on, and the fact that they’re still around is awesome.”

On the other hand, Bacon’s first reaction to the news was anger.

“They had that one song that was popular like fifteen years ago,” he said. “Okay, two songs, ‘Jumper’ and ‘Semi-Charmed Life.’”

Other students were indifferent about the band’s arrival.

“I don’t know anyone excited about them coming,” said Veronica Quinlan, ’13.

Students’ opinions have also been swayed by the release of information regarding the source of the money possibly being students’ tuition.

“I think our tuition money should go for academic reasons- what it’s supposed to be, not paying for Third Eye Blind, some overrated band from the 90s,” Quinlan said.

Panepinto said that any band booked by the M.E.C. is knowingly going to cost a lot of money.

“I would say that hosting a big concert with such a famous band at our college is definitely worth the money,” Panepinto said.

Students came up with various reasons why the news was poorly received by the student body.

“I think the issue may have been that there were just too many choices of bands to vote for,” Panepinto said.

“I really don’t know how to solve the problem,” Bacon said. “Maybe have more discussion on the list itself.”

He said they should have a bigger list that is constructed with the diverse music taste of the student body in mind.

“Though I understand it’s logistically hard to include everyone’s opinion,” Bacon added.

In the future, Bacon suggested M.E.C. contact WARC in order to find a new and upcoming popular band.

As part of WARC, Bacon said they asked M.E.C. for the ability to have input in acquiring a band to come to campus. Last year, WARC hosted the Antlers in GFC during Springfest.

On March 8, WARC is hosting Surfer Blood also in GFC. Surfer Blood, an upcoming phenomenon from West Palm Beach, Fla., is featured in Rolling Stone Magazine online with their three and a half star album “Astro Coast.”

“We promote music,” Bacon said. “That’s our job. Record labels literally call and ask us to play their music.”

M.E.C. never contacted WARC.

“We were really upset about that because we had no say and WARC is the biggest music organization on campus,” Bacon said.

Bacon said that for a similar amount of money, the college could have booked a band as big as MGMT, who he found is available for the dates Allegheny offered.

“We could get a lot of cool current bands,” Bacon said.  “It’s just that [the bands on the list] weren’t current popular bands.”

Regardless some students are looking forward to the event.

“I’m really excited that Third Eye Blind is coming to campus,” said Theresa Schneider, ‘10. “I’m glad they brought this band.”

The varied reactions to Third Eye Blind’s show will be made evident when students either decide to buy tickets beginning March 8 or to refuse to support the event.