Annual Orchesis program will showcase student creativity

Eylie Buehler, Contributing Writer

Every year for over 30 years, the student body looks forward to Allegheny’s student produced dance performance, Orchesis.

Orchesis is a student-run organization that puts on an annual dance show for the Gator community.  According to the Allegheny website, they educate students about different dance styles, choreography, lighting, staging and costume design.

According to President of the organization, Jillian Lindberg, ’15, this year’s show is very different than any other production most of its participants have ever been involved in.

“Orchesis is a completely student-run organization.  Therefore, every aspect of our show is created by students down to the very last detail; the costumes, the choreography, the lighting- it’s all been designed by students,” said Lindberg.  “This most definitely sets Orchesis apart from other organizations on campus.”

Lindberg said the show gives students the opportunity to showcase all of their different dance styles and techniques and allows them the freedom to do what they want with their dance in order to express themselves.

Recording secretary of the club, Katie Ranker, ’15, said a show that is solely run and produced by students gives the members a different sense of accomplishment than if they were just performing a dance they were taught.

“In Orchesis, there is so much more of a variety of styles, so there is something for everyone. Each dance is directed by one or two individuals, so the choreographers can take pride the final product and how much work they put into it,” Ranker said.

Although the basic concept of the show is the same every year this year’s show will feature many first time choreographers and first year students as well as new techniques and styles of dance that have not been featured before.

“This year’s choreographers have been learning and developing as dancers outside of the studio so that they may present new ideas and visions to their dancers,” Lindberg said.

First year choreographer, Spencer Vicente, ’15, said the show will be an event students should definitely attend.

“The audience can expect a great show packed with various kinds of dances that will provide a great evening of entertainment,” Vicente said.

Orchesis has proven to be one of the most widely supported productions across campus.  Every year, Shafer Auditorium is packed with spectators looking forward to an exciting show.

According to Ranker, the show is so widely supported because there are so many students involved in the production.

“Orchesis is an enormous show created entirely by students, we need a lot of people to work on the show because there are so many parts. It’s also completely inclusive. No dance experience is required to audition and even people who prefer not to be on stage can find ways to get involved behind the scenes. There’s literally something for everyone,” Ranker said.

Orchesis also has a long history on Allegheny’s campus.  Ranker said she knows students whose parents went to Allegheny in the ’70s and the production was still a huge event within the campus community.

The work that goes into the show is also widely recognized by the participants’ fellow students.

“I think that the campus understands how much time is invested into this process during such a short time period,” Lindberg said.

The members of this year’s production are eager to show the study body and faculty what they have put together and been working so hard on.

“What I’m looking forward to most about the show is getting to see all of our hard work finally completed and on display for the entire school. We all put so much time into making this show something that can be enjoyed and appreciated by others, and I honestly can’t describe how it feels to see your own finished product on stage, knowing how much you’ve stressed and slaved over it,” Ranker said.

This year’s Orchesis dance production will take place in Shafer Auditorium on Nov. 6, 7 and 8, at 8 p.m.