The Campus

Evolution in Education

Madison Riley, Contributing Writer

November 21, 2019

Teaching Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is not about changing beliefs. In the same way teaching students of all religions about the history of Christianity or Judaism, for example, does not inherently include preaching that...

The repercussions of cutting music education in the US

Willy Walker, Science/International Editor

November 14, 2019

Sports, STEM; sports, STEM. It is no myth that high schools all across the United States often overlook a music education in favor of athletics or science, technology, engineering and math subjects or athletics. Sure, a lot of the jo...

Women in Science strengthen support efforts

Angela Mauroni, Science/International Editor

January 22, 2015

Three years ago, the Women in Science Student Support Group was founded at Allegheny by student Brittany Rauzan,’13 in order to address the disproportionate gender gap between male and female students interested in STEM fields....

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