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Allegheny showcases first-generation, low-income student group

Jen Rodriguez, Features Editor

September 7, 2017

As young adults enter college, some think back to the outrageous or gratuitous stories their parents have told over dinner tables or casual barbeques, of the classes, friends and activities they participated in, reminiscing on...

Service Saturday encourages engagement with community

Kelsey Evans, Junior Photo Editor

August 31, 2017

All Allegheny students are welcome to participate in this year’s first Service Saturday, hosted by Civic Engagement in the Allegheny Gateway, on Sept. 2. “Our goal for the first Service Saturday is to get more freshmen into th...

#What’sYourStory exhibits the diversity of Allegheny students at class orientation

Jen Rodriguez, Features Editor

August 31, 2017

The freshmen orientation for the Class of 2021 held multiple events and services for the new residents of Allegheny College this past weekend and within the orientation schedule were events that highlighted some of Allegheny...

‘The Shack’ leaves audiences feeling hopeless

Marley Parish, Features Editor

April 6, 2017

Director Stuart Hazeldine brings to life William P. Young’s self-published Christian novel in the fantasy-drama film “The Shack,” released on March 3, 2017. “The Shack” tells the story of Mack Phillips and his family,...

Monks’ visit to campus upsets Chinese students due to political associations

Meaghan Wilby, Features Editor

March 9, 2017

The presence of the monks on campus highlighted political tensions and the conflicting history  between Tibet and China and caused some of the Chinese students to feel upset and uncomfortable. Sen Rong, ’20, said that although as an art maj...

Luna Gale

Luna Gale

February 23, 2017

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