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New opportunities to study away

Henry Sutter, Sports Editor

October 24, 2019

While students may be aware that Allegheny College offers myriad ways to travel for class credit, they may not be able to take a semester or more to explore and learn off campus. Long-term study away programs may be feasible f...

Learning outside of the classroom

Owen Ludwig, Contributing Writer

April 5, 2018

I held a large, white, plastic needle filled with antibiotics in my hands. “Gently pinch the tip of the teat to help spread the opening,” Chris Hemlock told me. I did just that, and then slowly, carefully inserted the needle i...

French EL Seminar canceled due to lack of interest

Madison Sieber, Contributing Writer

February 12, 2015

The French Experiential Learning Seminar proposed to take place this summer, which focused on French culture and food, has not had enough interest to take place. With an expense of $5,665.75 to attend, the EL is far more expensive...

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