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Andrew Goodman fellows present on civility at Quigley Town Hall

Jake Wamsley, News Editor

February 21, 2019

Over two dozen students and faculty members gathered during lunch hour Wednesday in the Quigley Auditorium to take part in an interactive presentation on the concept of civility. The presentation, titled “Can Civility Fail Us?...

State of civility in a turbulent era

Andrew Murphy, Contributing Writer

April 19, 2018

On April 8, Jimmy Kimmel, the noted comedian and late-night talk show host, declared on his Twitter account he was ending a feud with Fox News regular Sean Hannity. According to USA Today, the Twitter feud between the two began as ...

Student finds fault in civility on campus

Brianna Cusanno, Contributing Writer

March 26, 2015

Since I started at Allegheny College last semester one thing has become clear to me about this community; we care more about keeping conversations ‘civil’ than ending oppression. Many of us prioritize how someone looks an...

What Happened to The Civility?

April 18, 2014

By NICK TORTORICI Contributing Writer [email protected] Civility.  To many people, the commonly accepted definition of this word is something along the lines of politeness, reasonable and respective behavior.  It is som...

Establishment reigns at Allegheny College

January 27, 2011

Every generation has an elite establishment. Past establishments have shunned entire groups of people not in line with their views. With hindsight, this system of elitism and denied access to power by past establishments seems...

Allegheny establishes national Civility Award

January 27, 2011

In his State of the Union address on Tuesday night, President Barack Obama called for cooperation between the parties, highlighting the “common hopes and a common creed” of a nation often fraught with contention.  A new award...

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