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COVID-19 associated with decline in carbon emissons

Roman Hladio, Contributing Writer

April 26, 2020

As much of the world stays home waiting for the COVID-19 pandemic to run its course, a silver lining has slowly begun to reveal itself. With factories closed, planes grounded and cars parked in driveways for the foreseeable future, ...

Allegheny’s journey to carbon neutrality: offsets

Roman Hladio, Contributing Writer

February 21, 2020

As last year came to an end, Allegheny College found itself completing its 13th year of dedicated work by students and faculty to become carbon neutral. To complete the goal, the college has turned to a new outlet: carbon offsets...

Scholar speaks on the study of climate change

Ellis Giacomelli, Staff Writer

March 9, 2017

Allegheny College Environmental Science/Studies Department hosted Amanda DelVecchia, a postdoctoral scholar working at Allegheny through a National Science Foundation grant, on Friday, March 3 as the third installment of the En...

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