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“Ultimate French Stereotype” wins Carnival costume contest

February 22, 2013

The Max Kade International building hosted a Carnival costume celebration featuring foreign music and fare last Saturday night, bringing an internationally-celebrated tradition to Allegheny. Festivities for Carnival, a pre-Lent...

Latest ‘Die Hard’ installment is one sequel too many

February 22, 2013

Bruce Willis is back again in the fifth installation of the Die Hard film franchise that gave him his big break. Unfortunately, A Good Day to Die Hard may have been one sequel too many. The Die Hard saga centers on Bruce ...

‘Papa,’ owner of Sports Garden, former Otters looks to sell both establishments

February 15, 2013

A deserted five-story building sits in the center of downtown Meadville at the corner of South Main and Chestnut Streets. This building is the former home of one of Meadville’s most popular bars, Otters Pub & Grill, where hard...

Pelletier resolves mold problem

February 1, 2013

After the disposal of thousands of books and the assistance of a mold remediation team that cleansed the area, the library is now mold-free. Library Director Linda Bills said they worked to find the best solution during the fall...

New food co-op to hold first dinner of semester

January 25, 2013

Allegheny’s new food co-op program, Allegheny Must Not Dine Alone, will host its first dinner of the semester next Friday, Feb. 1, in Carr Hall. This will be the program’s fourth dinner. Brittany Iafrate, ’14, a student...

National webinar promotes inclusivity

January 25, 2013

Several Allegheny students, faculty and staff members participated in a nationally-broadcasted, informative webinar yesterday that discussed various forms of power, privilege and marginalization affecting individuals and, in particular,...

Review: ‘Lincoln’ is a must-see

December 7, 2012

Never has a movie based entirely on old men chatting to one another kept me so enthralled. ‘Lincoln’ plays like an incredibly detailed, yet interesting history book. Despite some classically cheesy Spielberg moments, the...

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