International movement to help clean up campus

Alex Holmes

Litterati is a new movement created to clean up trash left around the world.

Allegheny students have joined the movement recently, taking pictures of trash and posting the pictures to Instagram, tagging the images with #litterati.

Litterati was started by Jeff Kirshner only a few years ago. It is an effort to make the planet a cleaner place by utilizing social media like Instagram and using the hashtag and a geotag of where the garbage was found.

The organization’s website has what it calls a digital landfill containing all the photos gathered from around the world. Using this “landfill,” Litterati is able to identify major “Litter areas” through geotagging. Litterati has also been able to identify the most common brands and products being left on the ground.

As of Wednesday, Litterati has 25,690 pieces of trash in their digital landfill, 17,841 from the United States.

The two most commonly found items are cigarettes and plastic that people drop. The top three brands are, in order, Marlboro, Starbucks and McDonalds.

“I hope that by people posting pictures, we can identify where trash cans, recycle, compost bins are needed on campus as well as what is being littered most,” Philippa Panayiotou, ‘14, said.

Panayiotou added that she hopes if the school decides to act on any findings that changes would be in the next year or even before the end of this academic year.

Panayiotou found Litterati while researching for a class project.

“I was researching litter behaviors and the video popped up, and I thought it would be great to bring to campus,” Panayiotou said.

Litterati will be going on at Allegheny from Nov. 11 through Nov. 26.

To become part of the project and help clean up campus, just Instagram any piece of trash you see around campus with #Litterati #Allegheny and a geotag.