Security dismisses student concern

One student attempting to contact the Office of Safety and Security for updates on runaway fugitive Keith Green was met with a brusque attitude.

Caitlyn Fuoco, ‘13, called Security after reading a tweet warning that a man wearing a white shirt was heading towards North Main Street.

“The last information we received from security was that they were off campus at three or four o’clock,” said Fuoco. “We hadn’t heard anything from the school, so we were confused and alarmed.”

Fuoco told the security personnel that students were walking around outside and asked if another campus alert could be sent out to clarify the situation.

According to Fuoco, however, the staffer dismissed her worries.

“‘We sent the email out earlier. I am not their mother. And they can make their own choices,’” Fuoco said, recounting the conversation.

“I thought that was really poorly handled and in a lot of ways, callous,” Fuoco said, adding that she understood the difficulties Security faced during the pursuit.

Fuoco took to Twitter and Facebook to express dissatisfaction with the situation.

“We know all this information because of other students,” she said. “We don’t know anything that’s going on because of the school.”

Security declined to comment.