New Whole Darn location announced

Katrina Tulloch/THE CAMPUS


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 Although the Whole Darn Thing sub shop has been homeless for a while due to a fire in downtown Meadville in February, like a phoenix it will rise from the ashes and find a new, temporary home in the American Red Cross building across the street from its original home.

Owner Christine Jordan said that Whole Darn is eager to get back to serving the community, partly because they don’t want their loyal fans to find a new favorite sandwich shop.

“We don’t want to lose our customer base,” she said.

The fire damage incurred by Whole Darn’s former home on Market St. has made the building unsafe for business, and it will be demolished this Tuesday. Jordan explained that the largest expense they will incur from the fire damage is their walk-in freezer, which held all of their produce and will cost them from $8-10,000.

To help cover the costs incurred by victims of the fire, the ASG class of 2011 senators organized multiple fundraisers this week at bars around town. All proceeds from the cover charges and a majority of the drink specials at Otter’s Pub on Wednesday and Sportsgarden on Friday will go towards a victim of the same fire that ravaged Whole Darn, who lost their home.

“[The fundraiser] was a really good way of bridging that gap that that there sometimes seems to be between the college and the community,” said Dan Donahoe, a 2011 senator and organizer of the events.

Not much will change due to Whole Darn’s relocation, although they do plan an addition to their already extensive sub menu. “The Survivor,” a toasted sub with smoked ham, smoked turkey, smoked cheese and bacon, will be number 31.