Sports should spark interest

While working on an article I had to write for a class this week, I discovered that a lot of people, especially guys, declared that they do not follow college sports at all.
I love college sports, especially football, and my heart belongs to the Ohio State Buckeyes.
Going to school in Pennsylvania, I need something to remind me why I’m proud to be from Ohio –– for some reason Pennsylvanians love to hate on our little state.  OSU does just that.
That’s why I find it strange that more people aren’t college sports fans.
College sports are about more than just watching a team play and being excited if they win or lose.  They’re about loyalty, pride and love for something more, a connection to something greater.
Allegheny is hardly a sports–centered campus.  Mention even a Gator sporting event, and most people don’t know when or where it is.
It seems like our campus is held together by our enthusiasm for our classes, not our teams.
While it would be nice if we could all direct our attention to Allegheny College athletics, I understand that it’s not going to happen.
Not everyone on this campus chose to go here because they love Gator sports so much.
The next best thing is finding a passion in cheering on a different school, especially one that gets more national attention.
As I said, following sports isn’t just about watching a game.  It’s more of a way of life.
College sports bring groups of people together that may otherwise never have come into contact.
I’ve met people here that I never would have met if it weren’t for our shared passion for OSU.
It makes us all feel connected, even if we have nothing else in common.Even if you choose to root for a less popular team, you can still find yourself a part of the sports clique.
By liking a team that everyone else hates or cheers against, you can learn how to stick up for what you love by being forced to prove your loyalty on a regular basis.
It’s a test of character to cheer for the underdog and it can only make you stronger.
I’m still surprised about the lack of support from many people here on campus.
I think everyone should feel strongly about a certain college team because it does bolster your sense of pride when they perform well.
If that team happens to be Ohio State, even better.  But I won’t hold you to that.
Even if you think sports aren’t your thing, give it a try.  You might be surprised by how much you love it.
If you really do hate it, I won’t think any less of you, I promise.
Unless you decide you’re going to try to be a Michigan fan.  Nothing good can come of that.