Planned Parenthood & the fallacies of feminism

Guest Columnist

The House of Representatives, chock full of new Tea Party Republicans, recently voted to strip Planned Parenthood of its funding for the next fiscal year. Naturally, the Left is irate.

Planned Parenthood certainly may operate its loathsome business wherever it likes, so long as it relies on its own donations and profits instead of taxpayer money.

Opponents of the move claim that since Planned Parenthood is already barred from using federal money to perform abortions, then this amendment will prevent it from providing women’s health care, STD testing, and birth control.

This argument is irrelevant. The fact is, the national government, reined in by the Tenth Amendment, cannot legally fund most of the programs and organizations it currently does, no matter what new contortion the Supreme Court has twisted the Commerce Clause into this week, nor can any government rightfully compel people to pay for causes which they abhor, no matter their reasons.

The legality of abortion itself relies on the tenuous case of Roe v. Wade, a stunningly egregious exercise of “raw judicial power,” as Justice Byron White spat in his dissent.

If the new House members truly wanted to change  making well-meaning but futile gestures, they would pass a bill that would strip the Supreme Court of jurisdiction over the abortion issue and return that question to the states, where, under our federalist system, it rightfully belongs.

Of course, the inevitable scream has arisen from the feminists, and they have been busily campaigning to stop this bill from being passed in the Senate. What they lack in coherence, they make up for in vitriol.

Any objections to their support of the amendment or their ideology in general are met with either attacks or the mechanical fallback position, “You have no right to impose your views on others.”

This slogan is ridiculous. It is the feminists who have the gall to demand both rigid adherence to their ideology from everyone participating in political discussions and an uninterrupted flow of taxpayer money to fill their pet projects’ coffers, including Planned Parenthood.

Feminists claim that they have made the sexes equal and “made progress.” Meanwhile, in reality, feminism, has nothing to do with either dignity or femininity.

It pits frightened mothers against their vulnerable, unborn children.

It loathes woman who choose to bear, raise and educate their sons and daughters without the guidance of their beloved State.

It denies the obvious physical, psychological, intellectual and emotional differences between men and women.

It demands befuddled men treat women as “equals” and shrieks “abuse” and “disrespect” when they try to do exactly that.
It refuses to recognize that chastity is as natural as promiscuity, and that the former, having never spread deadly diseases or resulted in the murder of a baby, instinctively ought to be preferred over the latter.

Its adherents pride themselves on their boldness and rationality, but there are few ideologues who cling to their dogmas as persistently a feminist who has had her formulations challenged at last.

There’s no way President Obama, who once gave a speech to the Illinois legislature advocating that babies who survived abortion still be left to die, will sign this spending bill into law.

Still, if no one cheers for this tiny victory, if no one points out the laughable fallacies of feminism, if no one speaks up, nothing will change.

If losing federal funding means that Planned Parenthood will collapse, then that is what has to happen.

No business should be funded by unconstitutional subsidies from the national government, especially if millions of taxpayers have moral objections to its operations.