Letter to the editor: we need to move forward

I hope to be blunt: I have to believe that there is a better use of Allegheny’s time.
My name is Fiona. I am the queer leader of Queers and Allies at this school.
Coupled with the fact that I am an Environmental Science major, and possibly a Women’s Studies double major, that means that you have had a good chance of seeing me around campus.
I know from participating in everything from the volunteer community, as the service leader for Fresh From the Vines Sustainable Farm, to working at Grounds For Change that you are busy, as I am busy.
We are Allegheny. We are all busy.
I don’t believe that we have time for defacing property and our own reputations.
It is counter-intuitive to the Allegheny experience.
We work together to get to a better position for all involved.
We do not drag our own names through the mud for something as ridiculous as a cowardly scrawled message of hate.
My reference is to a recent incident in which vandals caused a media storm by writing a homophobic slur on a dormitory door.
Suddenly, the campus has to confront the notion that there are uneducated slanderers in our midst.
I invite the Allegheny community to move forward and deny the perpetrators the attention they seek.

Fiona Hensley
Class of 2012