Four tickets running for ASG office

RAY SMITH/The Campus - The race is on for the next pair of students to take over the ASG office.

By KATRINA TULLOCH ([email protected])

Primary elections for the Allegheny Student Government President and Vice President 2010-2011 take place on Wednesday, Feb. 10 and Thursday, Feb. 11.

There are four tickets running: Shane Downing, ’11 and Jamie Havens ’11; Corey Shears, ’12 and Kami Forgie, ’12; Nate Summers ‘12 and Aubrey Green, ’12; Dan Donohoe, ’11, and Erin Resetar, ’11.

Downing was the Class of 2011’s Vice President last fall and Havens took over for him as Vice President this spring when she returned from Spain and he went abroad to Australia.

“Shane and I have three main platforms,” Havens said. “First, to make ASG more accessible.  A lot of people don’t know how ASG can help students; we want to re-educate students about how to make budget proposals and make the finance process more friendly for student groups.”

“Second, we want to strengthen group organizations on campus by helping organizations work together, have organizations have similar initiatives, bring same speakers to campus, see how we can work together and make events more successful.  We’re hoping this will unify the campus,” Havens said.

“Third, Shane was a student on the strategic board, so we want to lay the groundwork for the strategic plan if we are elected,” Havens said. “We recognize that ASG and the campus as a whole working together is best for everyone. When we work as a team and everyone has something to do and work toward as similar initiatives, we are successful. Even though we’d be considered the leaders, we want to work together with everyone and make sure everyone has a voice.”

Summers, ’12, is currently the Attorney-General & Parliamentarian for ASG. Green is ASG’s Assistant Director of Concerts & Special Events. Summers and Green have broken down their platform into three categories as well, focusing on “Community, Connections, and Creativity.”

“For far too long, Meadville and Allegheny have stood apart,” Green said. “We will strive to tear down the walls between the community and the college, through parades, off campus events and even things as small as decorating trees downtown with Allegheny colors.”

Summers and Green also hope to create a “greater, stronger, inclusive community.”

“Everyone notices some disconnect between certain groups on campus,” Green said. “Our administration will work with all of these groups to resolve conflicts and bring us together under the Allegheny name.”

Green also states that her ticket “will not allow policies and procedures that do not aid the student community to exist” and will “actively strive to distill creative solutions to those problems.”

“We will also strive to continue ASG’s total transparency program to ensure that you, the student, know exactly what your senators are doing,” Green said.  “Sustainability will also continue to drive our administration; because the Allegheny after we graduate deserves it.”

Shears is the Class of 2012’s president and Forgie, ’12, is the Class of 2012’s vice president.

“If elected, I hope to create a more transparent student government that works for students and their needs. Brett and Liz did a great job this year and they’ve left big shoes to fill, but I understand the process and am confident that this ticket is the best ticket for the job,” Shears said.

The key points of Shears’ and Forgie’s platform focus on accountability and better student representation.

“We are stressing transparency through encouraging certain media sources around campus to focus on ASG and report on what we are doing,” Shears said.  “Whether that reporting is praise or criticism, such accountability is highly important and will create a more productive senate body. Both ACTV and The Campus have the unique opportunity to head this media focus through broadcasting and reporting.”

Shears and Forgie also believe in confronting Parkhurst with competitive prices “so that students are treated fairly as consumers of this food service,” according to Shears.

“After talking with many students, their outrage of the high food costs, tied with an overall unfamiliarity of how the ASG process works has centered our focus on their needs,” Shears said. “With the food costs, we are the catalyst for debate, and serve as the voice of the students. Our goal is to represent that voice to the best of our ability.”

Donohoe is ASG’s Director of Student Organization Services and Resetar serves as the ASG Secretary and Office Manager.  The main thing Donohoe and Resetar want to accomplish if elected is “to keep the student body happy,” according to Donohoe, via e-mail.

“We plan on doing this by making ASG more accessible and open to the students and student organizations,” Donohoe said.  “We want to create more fluidity between ASG, student organizations, the administration and alumni. Even though we are both currently on ASG, we still consider ourselves outsiders. This is our first year on student government, and we bring an outsider’s point of view to the election. We have both served the campus in numerous capacities and feel that we are more than capable to lead student government.”

Cast your vote on Thursday, Feb. 11 on Webadvisor.  More information about the ticket platforms and the individual students running for office is available on the Allegheny Student Government (ASG) Web site at //