No flowers, no chocolate

Let’s face it. The roses, chocolates, and heart–shaped candy holiday crammed with sappy love notes and candle lit dinner dates (better known as Valentine’s Day) is a Hallmark holiday that is more often observed out of obligation than love.

I doubt Saint Valentine ever imagined his name would be linked to lingerie sales and overpriced weeds…err, I mean flowers, one could easily find growing in his backyard to impress someone he’s already won.

It’s not that people don’t deserve to have a special day to celebrate the love they share. But how can everyone’s “special day” be the same as the other six billion people on this planet every single year, no matter who you are dating / married to / stalking? Am I the only one who thinks that sounds ridiculous?

If being with your honey–sweetie-sugarplum–cupcake–pumpkin–baby is all you want to do, be my guest. It’s a free world and I could care less how you spend your time.

But what I can’t seem to wrap my brain around is why we all have to subject ourselves to the same festivities as our neighbors. It’s like herding sheep.

Sorry, corporate America, but I’d rather be the black sheep in this scenario and ignore V–day than receive another box of chocolates and stuffed animal, because the truth is the person giving it to me wasn’t being thoughtful. Instead, the calendar on his Blackberry was. It made sure he wouldn’t forget by sending him an alert 15 minutes before.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Not to mention the other side of the spectrum. Those flying solo, the lone rangers, the table for one occupiers, the single riders, who painfully, regretfully, proudly or otherwise impartially must observe Single Awareness Day without choice.

It can be celebrated in numerous ways, which nine times out of 10 will be more enjoyable than going through the motions of burning a hole in your pocket in order to satisfy the needs of your significant other who will only be upset if you’re efforts are half–assed because corporate labels have said so.

Honestly, the only way you can go wrong in celebrating, or better yet ignoring this Hell of a day, would be to drink alone in the dark while “One is the Loneliest  Number” plays on repeat sounds in the background. If someone comes to mind who you could see doing this, you may want to remove all sharp objects from his or her reach.

But truly, this holiday is not one to get upset over. Those who have an obligation to recognize it as more than just the day that comes after Feb. 13 and just before Feb. 15, are probably praying that one day Valentine’s Day will slip off the commercial radar so that card companies can pursue holidays on the up and coming.

You know, the trendy holidays, like Earth Day (April 22) or National HIV Testing Day (June 27). I don’t know any college student who wouldn’t rather celebrate V-day over International Beer Day (August 5), given the choice.

All we need is Hallmark and American Greetings to take notice. Everyone appreciates a Happy Beer Day card waiting in their mailbox, right?