Editorial – Finally Online

As promised, The Campus now offers an online component in addition to the paper edition you now hold in your hands.

We all know the world of journalism is shifting to a much more Internet–based system, and it’s about time that we caught up. The Campus’s website will allow current students, alumni, faculty, administration and members of our local community to connect through a free, environmentally-friendly news forum.

With the help of our website managers, Ray Smith and Katrina Tulloch, we’re going to do our best to keep you posted on the most recent events occurring on campus, and as we adjust to this new way of presenting you with the news, we’re hoping to update the website a few times a week.

By visiting us at our site, www.alleghenycampus.com, you can read all the articles and editorials that appear in the paper version of The Campus in their full, uncut form. You will be able to view more photographs that go along with each story, read archived articles about a specific topic, and within a few weeks, you’ll be able to check out videos that will accompany many of our stories.

Best of all, you can react to what you see by contributing to the “comment” section at the end of each article as well as read the responses of students, faculty and community members.

Now is your chance to get involved in your college’s news stories.

Do you disagree with the way an article was written?

Do you want more details about a certain story?

Are you excited (or disappointed) about the entertainment being brought in for Springfest?

Do you have something to say about the controversial environmental science project that was put on display last month?

Well, that’s what the comments box at the end of each story is for.

So, comment away –– we can’t wait to hear from you.