Major Events Committee Trying to Book Top Act

The major events committee’s vote has concluded, but the winner of the vote has yet to be announced.

“We will release results when the bidding process is over,” said ASG President Brett Fuchs, ’10.

Because of the nature of the bidding process, in which colleges compete against other schools and venues, the M.E.C. does not want to release which band is their number one choice.

“The agent could raise the price if the information about who our number one choice is becomes public,” Fuchs said.

There was a relatively large turnout for the vote, with 50.3 percent of the student body taking part. There were 1,107 valid votes. There were a total of 1,227 total submissions, but using the student ID verification system, there were 40 invalid student ID numbers. Also, 80 students voted twice, so their votes did not count.

“The group that the bid is out for [the number one] received 410 votes, which is 52 more votes than the one following it,” Fuchs said.

If group number one is not available, they will go to the groups that came in second and third place. The second place group received 358 votes, and the third place group received 339 votes.

The bid to book the first choice was sent out before Thanksgiving break, so the M.E.C. is hoping to hear back from the agent very shortly.

“Once we have an answer, we’ll send out a mass e-mail,” Fuchs said.

The M.E.C.’s band will most likely not interfere with Springfest, but the different events will most likely be close together.

“We are shooting for sometime in April,” Fuchs said.

Depending on the availability of the bands, this date is tentative.

“Our goal is to get what the student body voted on,” Fuchs said. “We are also shooting to have the event on a Friday or Saturday night.”

The campus should be hearing shortly which band is on its way to Meadville, so students should keep refreshing their inbox.