Suspects in local stabbing and theft remain at large

According to the Meadville Tribune, on Monday afternoon, police allege that 41-year-old Anthony Louis-Jordan stabbed 19-year-old Columbus, Ohio residents Hakeem Ali Selma and Johnny Frank Henry in the Tamarack Lake dam parking lot in West Mead Township.
The suspect then fled in a stolen car with Ohio License plates into Meadville proper, eventually crashing at the intersection of Liberty and Walnut Streets around 2 p.m., blocks away from Diamond Park and the downtown CVS Pharmacy. The suspect had fled the scene by the time police arrived and has since not been brought into custody. The two victims of the stabbing were treated at Meadville Medical Center and later released.
Violent crimes in Meadville are uncommon and thus incidences like these cause ripples throughout the town, but these ripples have not yet reached Allegheny’s campus. No e-mails or security alerts have been sent to students, and Director of Security Jeffrey Schneider stated that he hadn’t heard about the incident until The Campus contacted him for a statement.
“There’s been no dialogue [about the incident],” he said. “The city [of Meadville] hasn’t contacted us.”
Schneider explained that the protocol in case of an on-campus emergency would be to alert the campus community via Security’s E2 notification system, which sends out messages through e-mails and texts to students, faculty and administrators.
“If there are students that live off-campus in the general vicinity of this particular action, we would send a crime alert to let them know,” he added.
This incident took place far enough off campus that emergency action was not required, but Schneider suggested that students follow the “textbook” advice of walking in groups and being aware of their surroundings. ASG President Shane Downing, ’11, agreed, and stressed that this occurrence should not prevent students from venturing into downtown Meadville.
“I think there’s so many good things about Meadville that it would be unfair if one bad thing deterred people from going into the community,” he said.
As of press time, President Mullen and the Pennsylvania State Police could not be reached for comment. The investigation is ongoing but has not spread to the Allegheny campus.