MEC makes final decision on homecoming theme

Almost every child dreams of getting slimed on Nickelodeon, and this dream may become a reality on Oct. 22 and 23 during Allegheny’s Nickelodeon-themed Homecoming celebration. The Major Events Committee, comprised of members of GAP and ASG, decided on the Nickelodeon theme last Thursday and hope to finalize their concepts within the next two weeks.
The MEC initially considered an international-Oktoberfest-themed Homecoming, but Nickelodeon prevailed by a small margin after initial discussion.
“I think [MEC chose the Nickelodeon theme] cause it was a lot of our childhood and more of a fun potential,” said Michael Albring, ’12, co-director of conferences and special events for ASG. “Nickelodeon’s made it more of a personal connection with more people.”
Natalie Curtis, ’12, president of GAP, suggested that Gator pride might play into the festivities as well.
“We’re trying to collide Nickelodeon with school spirit by doing Nickelodeon-esque games that ask you questions about Allegheny,” she said.
Proposed events include obstacle courses in the Wise Center pool and Blue Courts themed around the popular show “Legends of the Hidden Temple,” and a “Figure-It-Out-“themed game show where participating professors and administrators may be slimed if they answer Allegheny-related trivia questions incorrectly. The MEC also hopes to offer a Nick-at-Nite-themed aspect by showing reruns of classic television shows, perhaps as a sober activity. Pies in the face and a “Wild and Crazy Kids” event are also in the works.
Junior Arthur Huang said that he hasn’t been to any Homecoming events at Allegheny, but that the theme might entice him to check it out.
“I’m more inclined to go,” he said. “Definitely considering it.”
Those involved in the planning hope that the theme will have the same effect on other students.
“We’re going to try to make it more involved, get more of the students and the sports teams involved,” explained GAP Vice-President of Annual Events Christina Moreschi, ’12.
ASG Co-Director of Concerts and Special Events Rachel Faber, ’11, mentioned the possibility of a spirit week running up to the actual Homecoming weekend, to increase excitement across campus.
“We’re thinking of a high school spirit day where everyone wears t-shirts from their high schools,” she explained, noting that ASG senators would table in the Campus Center and give out prizes to those who participate.
Though Homecoming traditionally revolves around school spirit and Gator football, some students, like freshman Dan Whiteman, are looking forward to another aspect of this year’s theme.
“I’ll definitely enjoy sliming a few professors,” he said. “That would be hilarious.”