E-mail from President Mullen, Scott Friedhoff leaves Allegheny

Good morning,

Courtesy of nytimes.com (Lisa Kyle)

I want to update you on a recent development.  Vice President for Enrollment and Communications Scott Friedhoff has accepted a similar newly created position at the College of Wooster, which he will begin this summer.  Scott’s contributions to Allegheny over the past eight years have been extraordinary, as he developed our Unusual Combinations brand and led the College to historic highs in enrollment, student diversity, and academic profile.  He is a close colleague and friend, and I will miss him greatly.

Moving forward, our top priority will be to ensure that we continue our enrollment success as we increase the momentum of our national visibility efforts.  We are fortunate to have a very strong Director of Admissions in Jenn Winge and with her team in Admissions she will continue to supervise our enrollment efforts while we determine the best long-term structure for the College’s marketing and communications.

We will begin immediately to work with Sherry Proper, Josh Tysiachney and Marian Sherwood to put plans in place for coordinating our financial aid, public relations, and institutional research functions, all of which play a vital role in Allegheny’s enrollment picture.  Many of you have generously supported the Admissions Office by inviting prospective students into your classes, maintaining our buildings and grounds, and helping with Admissions functions.  Your continued support will be especially important in the coming year as we prepare for this transition in leadership.

Scott made a significant, positive difference for Allegheny, and to his great credit, I believe that he built an operation that will continue to benefit the College for many years to come.  We will find appropriate ways to recognize his service and to give the community a chance to say thank you.  I will be in touch once arrangements have been made, but in the meantime, I know that you will join me in wishing him the best in this new opportunity.

Jim Mullen