LCD Soundsystem is happening: “Dance Yrself Clean” with these electronic beats

If you like what I’ve reviewed this year, then you will love what comes out in the next several months.

It begins with LCD Soundsystem’s new album “This is Happening.”

I’ve always been a big fan of this band and I thought “Sound of Silver” was spectacular, so I had pretty high hopes for this new album.

So when I started the first track “Dance Yrself Clean” — the nine minute opener — I was intrigued that it began on such a mild note.

The first album screamed in right away with “Daft Punk is Playing at My House” and “Sound of Silver” began with a steady techno chug into a post–punk dance masterpiece with “Get Innocuous”, but  “Dance Yrself Clean” is a different kind of intro.

After a minute it still was milling along with a simple two note piano chord, claps, and James Murphy’s muffled voice.

I felt disappointed.

But then, it explodes into a simple synth–dance masterpiece. The first three minutes made sense and I was dancing uncontrollably for the next six. The song is the definitely the catchiest LCD Soundsystem song and probably one of most fun songs I have ever heard.

For me, this is mind-blowing because James Murphy does this with only drums, vocals, and a simple synth


The song doesn’t even feel like it’s nine minutes. When it finally fades away, I wanted to hear it over and over again (which I did later) but I wanted to hear the rest of the album.

Next was the single, “Drunk Girls.” I know most were disappointed by the single on its own, but it makes so much sense to hear it after “Dance Yrself Clean.”

It’s a simple but fun song about being the drunk that continues the party.

The album, however, eventually tones it down a bit (like all good albums do) with “One Touch” and “All I Want.”

“One Touch” is definitely the darkest song on the album which isn’t saying much.

It combines samples and live music into an intense electronic masterpiece that will please any hardcore electronic fan.

“All I Want,” however, is just the opposite: all live instruments with an easy, but building sound. This song about failed relationships is reminiscent of “All My Friends.”

The rest of the album has heavy ’80’s influences.

For instance, the somewhat silly “Pow Pow” sounds like it is a missing Talking Heads track and “You Wanted a Hit” has a number of other blatant ’80’s influences.

The album closes with “Home,” a song about friends that swells into a warm melody that sounds like everyone getting ready to leave that last crazy party of the year.

It’s a perfect way to end an album that feels like that sort of party.

The Internet tells me that “This is Happening” could be LCD Soundsystem’s last album. I really hope it isn’t because they get better with every album they make.

But, if it is, it’s a great way to send of an amazing career.

“This is Happening” is an amazing album that may well be a major milestone in electronic dance.

I think it will be hard for anybody to deny that it might be the best album of the year; for me, I think it might edge out Beach House’s “Teen Dream” for the title, but of course it is too early in the year to tell.

If you get one album this summer, get “This is Happening” because not only is it great, but it will also make those summer parties all the more danceable.

Since this is the last music review of the year, here are some upcoming albums that I think will be great to pick up: “High Violet,” by The National,   “Forgiveness Rock Record,” by Broken Social Scene, “M.I.A,” by M.I.A, “Together” by The New Pornographers  and “Heaven Whenever,” by The Hold Steady.