Shows: easy come, easy go

Television is such a cutthroat industry. One moment the ratings are soaring and you’re rolling production values, the next you’re on the verge of cancellation and wondering where the loyal fans have gone.

Every year, networks produce new and returning shows for the masses. Some make it a full season, some die by the third episode and others valiantly struggle halfway through before the execs call it quits.

We’re nearing May and the season and series finales of the revered and the reviled, so let’s take a quick look at what decisions have been made by the powers that be.


“The Beautiful Life”

This televised wonder made it two episodes before the CW pulled the plug. Low ratings were cited as the cause, but the reviews spoke volumes.

Variety decreed “TBL” was “little more than a title in search of an actual show.”

Say it with me: Ouch.


Joss Whedon’s brainchild was renewed largely due to loyal fan support. Love just wasn’t enough.

FOX announced that “Dollhouse” was headed up to the attic in November, and the final episode aired in January.


This show wasn’t good, this show wasn’t bad. It occupied that gray middle ground where you spend the entire hour wondering if you should laugh or bawl.

The execs chose to just end the indecision altogether.

“Defying Gravity”

I never heard of it either, and now no one will because ABC cancelled it.

“As the World Turns”

After 13,745 episodes, the world decided to keep on turning without it.

Amicably Ended:


It amazed. It baffled. It frustrated. It glittered. It crashed. It flew. It’s done.

“The Tudors”

The costumes! The politics! The intrigue! The marriages…

“The Tudors” went for four seasons on Showtime, and now it is time for this dynasty to come to an end.


“The Vampire Diaries”

What began as a depressingly typical high school drama apparently morphed into something a bit more complex.

Who knew a town full of pretty people could be so interesting? No, really. Twihards and L.J. Smith enthusiasts rejoice! Damon and Stefan will live to glower and brood impressively for another day.


Drama, tunes and verbal sparring await in the 2010-2011 season. Prepare to break out into song.


Will Booth and Bones finally, finally get together? After the 100th episode, who can say?

At any rate, Fox has decreed that our favorite crime-solving, bickering duo is secure for another season. Here’s hoping for closure.


Kate Beckett will keep solving crime. Richard Castle will keep writing about it.


Greendale Community College won’t be closing. Please schedule your classes for the upcoming semester with care.

The Spanish study group will be meeting Thursdays.