“Glee” has loyal Gleeks

Courtesy of http://screenrant.com

Calling all theater lovers and drama geeks — the TV show which caters to all our musical needs is finally returning. Fox’s runaway hit of the Fall, “Glee,” will premiere Tuesday with the final nine episodes of its groundbreaking first season.

With last episode’s loose end wrap-up, Glee fans may be wondering what to expect in the upcoming episodes.

At least we can be assured that all our favorite, quirky characters will be back. Will Shuester (Matthew Morrison), complete with his charm and curly locks, will reprise his role as director of the McKinley High School Glee Club, New Directions.

After winning sectionals, this time the singing students are on the road to regionals.

Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), the spotlight-greedy star, will again lead the talented young group with her powerhouse voice. Her group members will all be back for more rehearsals, including the boyish Finn, flamboyant Kurt, outspoken diva Mercedes and everyone’s favorite funny nerd Artie, among other talented members.

Don’t worry female fans – Puck and his Mohawk will also be on hand for more stellar routines and drama-filled storylines.

And, of course, McKinley High’s resident bully, Sue Sylvester, will return armed with her deep hatred for Shuester and the glee club. We can expect more of her hilariously sarcastic insults as she seeks revenge for being fired from her position as coach of the Cheerios cheerleading squad.

As for character romances — those of us rooting for Team Fachel will have to wait as Rachel’s relationship with Finn is delayed due to her developing romance with the lead singer of Vocal Adrenaline, McKinley’s arch rival.

And, after weeks of frustrating anticipation, we will finally see things heat up between Will and the “doe-eyed” counselor, Emma Pillsbury.

We “Gleeks” who have been waiting impatiently during this five-month hiatus will also not be disappointed by the rest of the season’s wide music selection. The young cast will cover songs ranging from the Beatles to Lady Gaga (I know — that was hard to write in the same sentence).

Also, an episode airing April 20, entitled, “The Power of Madonna,” will be an entire tribute to the iconic songstress, featuring her hit singles “Vogue,” “4 Minutes” and the classic “Like a Virgin,” to name a few.


For those who enjoyed seeing Kristin Chenoweth, Eve and Josh Groban last season, fans can expect more pleasantly surprising guest appearances in the season’s final episodes.

Fans of Chenoweth will be excited to know that the Broadway star will reprise her role as the hysterical, bumbling alcoholic yet vocally impressive April Rhodes. Chenoweth’s Wicked theater co-star, Idina Menzel, will also appear this season as a coach for Vocal Adrenaline.

Other guest celebrities include Olivia Newton-John and Neil Patrick Harris, the latter of whom will be playing a rival character for Shuester.

Get ready to sing along as Mr. Shuester once again cues our favorite glee club to “take it from the top.”