The Compost – Khilling American values

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Well folks, once again, I am shocked. Once again, our country THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is threatened by COMMUNISM.

I thought that the passage of Socialist Obamacare, which forces us simple Americans to be “responsible” and purchase private health care, would be the end of democracy in America and begin the Muslim Theocratic/Facist/Socialist/Communist Obama takeover of our PROTESTANT ANGLO-SAXON America.

Well folks, I was wrong. After searching the youtubes, I found the most disgusting threat to our republic.

I’m sure many of you young Americans have heard of the video popularly known as “Trololo.”

It is a video of the SOVIET singer Eduard Khil spewing the most profane communist propaganda I have seen since Michelle Obama’s White House garden (DON’T TELL ME TO FEED MY KIDS “FRESH FRUIT” I’LL FEED THEM ALL THE FUNYUNS I WANT).

This sick video blatantly promotes the left’s agenda to turn all of our good CHRISTIAN babies into gay, un-American baby killers.
FOR EXAMPLE, in Mr. Khil’s “song” begins with him emerging from a METAL fence singing “ahhhhhh, ya ya ya” — obviously a reference to the iron curtain that separated the free GOD-LOVING world from the God-less “helping-the helpless” Communists; a five-year old could notice this blatant symbolism.

Khil goes on with “ya ya ya ya ya ya, ooh ooh ooh ooh.”

Well my friends, isn’t it obvious?

While it might seem that Comrade Khil is singing a wordless tune, I can see the truth; READ BETWEEN THE LINES PEOPLE. Mr. Khil is spewing slander about how the United States is actually a republic founded on religious tolerance, which is why the Founders prohibited an establishment of religion in the First Amendment.

Are you appalled yet? I think we all know that since our republic was based on THE BIBLE (except all of it) and that because our founders were Christians, it is OBVIOUS that we are meant to be a Christian nation despite what the liberals’ (socialists’/fascists’/communists’) reading of the First Amendment (something about “establishment of religion”) implies. Despite all the lies he spreads, I found one shocking hidden message.
He goes on with “na na na na na na na.” Well folks, do you see it? OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!!! Let’s look at Mr. Khil’s words. “Na” has the letters “N” and “A”.

What can you spell with “N” and “A”?

I don’t know, how about, NANCY PELOSI, DEATH PANEL, and LADY GAGA. That’s right! It appears that the liberal machine forgot to “fact-check” its regular media sources (CNN, MSNBC, 1970’s Soviet Musical Programs) and let its secret slip out. I’m afraid it seems that the liberal communists/fascists headed by Nancy Pelosi and Barack bin Obama Laden plan to use Lady Gaga to promote their new death panels that were just approved by the rouge government in Washington.

Their specific plans aren’t really clear, but it seems that Lady Gaga’s video “Telephone” is subliminally telling our young folks to report their grandparents to these death panels to begin the “proceedings.”
Nation, I’m scared. I love my country, and I pray to our original founding father Jesus Christ (who actually wrote our constitution by taking the form of James Madison) that he will allow his good Christian soldiers (Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and Scott Biao) to take back America.

I hope that it is not too late to reverse the effects of Mr. Khil’s video (which is preforating like melanoma) of corrupting our youth to accept these intolerable communist/fascist ideals. I leave you with Mr. Khil’s last chilling words of the song: “la la la la la, ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.” May God help us all.